Eddie Montgomery Of Country Duo Montgomery Gentry Grieves 19-Year-Old Son’s Death After Mystery Accident [Video]

Eddie Montgomery is famed for his success with country music duo Montgomery Gentry. But Eddie is also a father, and now he is heart-broken after his son Hunter, 19, died following an accident. Montgomery’s son was engaged and the father of a baby boy with his fiancee, reported the Daily Mail.

For those curious about what happened to result in the death of a 19-year-old, a representative for Eddie’s family said that they are not yet ready to release the details of the tragic accident. However, the Montgomery Gentry Facebook posting on the tragedy did reveal that Hunter had been on life support prior to passing.

Grief-stricken Eddie has offered a formal statement on his loss, and Montgomery is asking for privacy to grieve, reported People.

“My son Hunter went to heaven today. I appreciate all your prayers and love and thank you for giving us privacy as we grieve and say goodbye,” said Eddie.

Montgomery also stated that his son had been hospitalized in Kentucky. Funeral arrangements have not yet been made.

The heartbreaking statement by Eddie follows his joy that his son had been engaged in August. Hunter had proposed to his girlfriend during a Montgomery concert.

Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry of Montgomery Gentry perform during Keith Urban's Fourth annual We're All For The Hall benefit concert.
Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry of Montgomery Gentry perform during Keith Urban's Fourth annual We're All For The Hall benefit concert.

Eddie has had a series of personal problems in recent years. Montgomery previously shared his diagnosis of prostate cancer in 2010, and then, following a divorce and restaurant attempt that didn’t make it, he revealed that he was so in debt that he had to file for bankruptcy.

The singer tied the knot with gal pal Jennifer Belcher in April, 2014.

Hunter had been on life support for several days after the accident last week. Eddie has not revealed the specifics of that accident, but Montgomery did express his gratitude for the prayers that he had received, reported Taste Of Country.

Eddie and his former wife, Tracy, had four children, with Hunter the youngest. His oldest son is named Kevin, and the couple also have two daughters, Candace and Brooke.

Montgomery credits one of his offspring for helping him discover that he had prostate cancer. The disease was discovered early enough that it could be treated.

That discovery came when one of his sons was in a 2010 accident with a four-wheeler. Eddie was visiting the doctor for that son, but mentioned that his hip hurt. When physicians x-rayed Montgomery’s hip, they found the shadow that resulted in a cancer diagnosis. Eddie subsequently received the good news that he was free of cancer.

Following being served with divorce papers by Tracy, Montgomery struggled with the closure of his restaurant and need to file for bankruptcy. The 51-year-old country singer and wife Jennifer do not have children.

Eddie Montgomery reveals heartbreak over son's death.
Eddie Montgomery reveals heartbreak over son's death.

On their Montgomery Gentry website, the News section now includes the addition of Hunter’s death. It emphasizes that Eddie is seeking privacy.

Montgomery and his partner, Troy Gentry, are regarded as contemporary country trail blazers. Troy reflected on what that means to him.

“We’re going to continue to do the same music that we always have, and if that puts us in that leadership role, then so be it. I definitely want to be the one on the front end and not trying to copy something else that’s already been done.”

The duo seeks to provide anthems for workers and for those who seek to have passionate attitudes about life, from work to play to family to life.

That focus is reflected in Montgomery Gentry‘s song “Folks Like Us,” reported Billboard.

Authored by Ash Bowers, Neal Coty, and Adam Craig, Gentry revealed that it reflects the duo.

“It’s a song about American society and making ends meet. It’s about being patriotic and showing your faith and the love of family. It’s one of those blue-collar songs that we’ve been known for doing for so long,” said Gentry.

Eddie Montgomery mourns the death of his 19-year-old son.
Eddie Montgomery mourns the death of his 19-year-old son.

Both Troy and Eddie seek to provide their fans with recognizable, instantly identifiable music that is unique and true to their passion. And although Montgomery Gentry may mix it up once in awhile, they always seek to return to their focus.

“That’s singing to the hard-core, patriotic, blue-collar workers out here that work hard,” summed up Troy.

Eddie and Troy also are planning a Montgomery Gentry tour, and Troy noted that they enjoy the challenges of traveling and doing live concerts, describing the duo as road dogs.

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