Amid Feud With Kendra Wilkinson, Bridget Marquardt Shows Support For Holly Madison

While Kendra Wilkinson is publicly lashing out at Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt is supporting her old friend and fellow ex-Hugh Hefner girlfriend. On Friday, Bridget sent a tweet to Holly telling her that it’s awesome that she’ll be on Oprah Winfrey’s Where Are They Now?

Holly, Bridget, and Kendra were Hugh Hefner’s three official girlfriends in the mid-to-late 2000s. Together, they starred on five seasons of E!’s Girls Next Door, a reality TV show that showcased their lives as Hugh’s girlfriends and the Playboy world. Years after they left that world, Holly and Bridget not only maintain friendly contact with one another but still hang out together. Holly thanked Bridget for her support and expressed excitement over seeing Bridget for her upcoming birthday celebration.

Bridget Marquardt’s friendship with Holly Madison is in stark contrast to Holly’s friendship with Kendra Wilkinson, which is nonexistent. Holly and Kendra’s relationship may actually be described as hostile, since they’re currently embroiled in a bit of a public feud. In June, Kendra blasted Holly for what she wrote in her memoir, Down the Rabbit Hole. Some of Holly’s claims from the book include that Hugh offered her sedatives the night they met prior to sex, pitted the girls against one another, and tried to get her to stay by offering her millions of dollars. Holly also wrote that Kendra was the “the fakest person [she’s] ever met” and lied to Hugh.

Kendra called Holly’s claims lies, not only in statements to the media but also on her WE TV reality TV show, Kendra On Top. On Friday’s episode, which was filmed around the time that Holly’s memoir came out, Kendra is shown telling a radio station that Holly is lying about Hugh and not taking responsibility for what she chose to do for seven years. She’s then shown threatening Holly.

“She cannot get away with this. I have to go confront this b***h.”

A sneak peek for next week’s episode shows Kendra reminding her friend that they need to “confront this b**ch” and then calling Hugh to ask how he’s doing after what Holly did. Kendra teased next week’s episode by tweeting that “next week it is on.”

Yet viewers apparently won’t be seeing a Kendra and Holly confrontation. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Holly tweeted that Kendra never confronted her. Holly also tweeted that she had nothing to do with the show.

In an interview with Radar Online in June, Bridget said that she’s happy that Holly wrote her book.

“I like Holly and I’m friends with her. I’m happy for her that she wrote the book.”

As for Kendra, Bridget admitted that they’re not friends.

“I haven’t seen or talked to her in years. It is crazy. We haven’t had a falling out or anything. We just haven’t talked.”

During her interview for Oprah Winfrey’s Where Are They Now?, Holly Madison reiterated some of the things that she wrote in her memoir, including the moment she realized that the Playboy life was no longer for her.

“Hef and I started hitting kind of a rocky patch when it became clear that Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson were leaving, they were moving on to new things. I just had enough and just realized all the delusions I’d been under and that this was no longer the life for me.”

[Photo by Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images]