Bobbi Kristina Brown Update: Final Autopsy Report Complete

After numerous weeks, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s final autopsy report is finally finished, which confirms exactly how the 22-year-old developed irreversible brain damage, which eventually caused her death.

People reports that although the autopsy report is complete, the Fulton County Medical Examiner was court-ordered to keep the results private from the public, much to the disappointment of many supporters who are curious to see exactly what occurred on January 31, the day Bobbi Kristina was found face-down and comatose in a bathtub in her Roswell, Georgia, townhome.

“We’re not revealing any information, unfortunately.”

Although the public isn’t yet privy to information found in the autopsy report, the authorities handling the case were handed a copy. The final results were given to the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office (DA), who then turned the results over to the Roswell Police Department.

The Fulton County Superior Court placed a gag order on the results on September 25, according to the medical examiner’s office. What this means for supporters and fans who’ve been following Bobbi Kristina’s case all year is that they’ll have to wait a bit longer to hear her exact cause of death. The medical examiner’s office released an official press release yesterday, stating that,

“The Fulton County Medical Examiner has classified the cause and manner of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death based on information available as of September 25, 2015. However, a Fulton County Superior Court Order dated September 25, 2015 has been received Sealing the Autopsy Report and ordering the Medical Examiner to not release any further information to the public.”

It may be hard for Bobbi Kristina’s supporters to wait longer to hear the results, yet, divulging the information to the public at this point may hinder the criminal investigation and give the people of interest a way to form their defense. Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina’s former boyfriend, still remains the primary suspect in the investigation.

Nick Gordon remains the primary suspect in Bobbi Kristina Brown's death.

Gordon hasn’t made any statements recently, but he still faces a wrongful death lawsuit, filed by Bobbi Kristina’s conservator, Bedelia Hargrove. US Weekly reports that Hargrove indicated earlier this year that she would leave nothing unturned as they continue to pursue charges against Gordon and any party responsible for contributing to her death, whether accidental or purposely.

“We will leave no stone unturned in seeking justice for Bobbi Kristina Brown.”

Since Bobbi Kristina’s death,Gordon has been the primary suspect not only by authorities, but also by numerous members of Bobbi Kristina’s family and friends, who think that her former boyfriend abused her to the point that he ultimately contributed to her death.

In a recent motion to dismiss the wrongful death lawsuit, Gordon’s attorneys admitted that Gordon was arguing with Bobbi Kristina on the day that she was found unconscious. Gordon also admits to changing his clothes shortly after the argument, although he didn’t disclose why.

Meanwhile, family and friends of Bobbi Kristina Brown are opening up more about the young reality star and her untimely death, including her godsister, Brandi Burnside, who recently revealed that after visiting her in hospice, she knew that Bobbi Kristina wanted to live.

[Photos Courtesy of Maury Phillips/Getty Images, Roswell Police Department, & Instagram]