Chicago Bears Rumors: Tim Tebow Requested By Bears Fans

Chicago Bears rumors have fans of the team hoping that Tim Tebow signs. The Bears could use Tebow to replace Jay Cutler as the starting quarterback if a deal could be made. A report from the Chicago Sun-Times shows that Bears fans have flooded social media with requests that the front office go through with a plan to sign Tebow. Some fans want Tebow to be the starting quarterback even after Jay Cutler returns.

This follows a report from, where the governor of Texas reportedly campaigned for the Dallas Cowboys to sign Tebow. It was an odd public statement for Gov. Greg Abbott to make, but he wanted the Cowboys to make a quick move to replace the injured Tony Romo. Romo could miss as many as eight weeks of the regular season trying to recover from a fractured collarbone. It puts the Cowboys in an equally desperate situation as the Bears, but Romo did lead his team to a 2-0 start.

There are several teams that already need a replacement at quarterback, but these Chicago Bears rumors seem to come from years of frustration in the fan base. A video from also puts a voice to fans pleading for a change to be made with the team. It was an overall indictment of not just Jay Cutler, but also of backup quarterback Jimmy Clausen. Fans want the team to go in another direction, rather than see what Clausen can do on the field.

Clausen is getting a week 3 start against the Seattle Seahawks. The game will be played at CenturyLink Field, where the Seahawks rarely lose. It’s a tough task to put on the backup quarterback of the Bears, but the team is already 0-2 and cannot afford to fall to 0-3 on the season. So far this season, Jay Cutler has completed 26-of-45 passes for 345 yards and two touchdowns. He also had two interceptions, with a 78.5 quarterback rating. Jimmy Clausen completed 14-of-23 passes for 121 yards, no touchdowns, and one interception (a 56.6 rating).

Clausen will get a lot of playing time in week 3 to show that he belongs as the starting quarterback for the Bears. If he struggles, though, it is safe to assume that the fans who already want Tim Tebow to get signed will be out in force once again. Game time against the Seahawks is 4:25 p.m. ET on Sunday, September 27. If the team struggles early and Jimmy Clausen cannot find a rhythm, expect more Chicago Bears rumors about the quarterback situation to surface in week 4.

[Image Source: Sean Gardner/Getty Images]