WWE Rumors: Was Sting Seriously Injured At 'Night Of Champions' Against Seth Rollins?

On Sunday evening, history was made when Sting stepped into the ring at Night of Champions and took on Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Many were hoping that Sting would walk out as champion, but it wasn't meant to be as Rollins retained. Even more important though is that something appeared wrong with Sting during the match, and people are wondering if he was legitimately injured.

Sting and Seth Rollins had a pretty good match going, but it ended rather abruptly after something odd happened.

Rollins ended up hoisting Sting up onto his shoulders and ran across the ring to powerbomb the "Vigilante" into the turnbuckles. This is a signature move of Rollins and one he has used a number of times before in matches.

After that move, Sting seemed to be extremely sluggish and slow.

UPDATE: WrestleZone has now reported that Sting did indeed suffer some sort of "significant" neck injury last night in his match. Not much else is known, but it seems to have happen when his head and neck popped back during the turnbuckle powerbomb spot.

Rollins backed Sting up against the ropes and Irish-whipped him across the ring. Sting slowly ran and ducked a clothesline from Rollins before just collapsing to the mat. The referee immediately crouched down beside him and checked on the wrestling legend.

The ref signaled for the ringside doctor to check on Sting. Both men were in the ring and seeing how Sting was, but the referee never actually held up the "X" signal with his arms which means there is a legitimate injury in a match.

Sting hobbled to his feet and rested in a corner while being checked on by the doctor. After a few minutes, Sting got back into the match, but it was obvious that something wasn't right. Still, the match went on, but not for much longer.

The ending of the match came as Sting went for another Scorpion Death Lock submission maneuver, but Rollins rolled him up for the three-count pinfall as WrestleZone recapped. Sting had officially lost the match and was immediately rolled out of the ring by WWE staff.

As WWE.com recapped, Rollins had just fought and lost a match to John Cena for the United States Title before the main event. Rollins was obviously exhausted, but that didn't appear to be an issue in the match with Sting.

This may have been Sting's one and only shot at ever winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title, and he's now officially 0-2 with the company. If a serious injury did legitimately occur, it could end up being the end of his in-ring career. Hopefully, more will be known soon about what did or did not happen at Night of Champions.

[Image via WWE]