Chloe Lukasiak Gets Surgery: Former ‘Dance Moms’ Star Opens Up About Her Eye Issue

Chloe Lukasiak may not be on Dance Moms any longer, but fans still adore her and follow her every move. The past year or so has been a very busy one for the teen, as she’s been doing events and winning awards. However, now the teen is opening up about something that’s been developing behind the scenes, and fans will definitely want to catch up on this front.

Dance Moms fans know that Chloe Lukasiak has developed a situation where one eye appears to be smaller than the other. Though some were referring to this as a lazy eye, Lukasiak is now talking about what’s really going on with her eye. Chloe talked with Seventeen about the truth of the situation.

Lukasiak explains that more than a year ago, she and her family noticed the change in her eyes. They went to a doctor, and the Dance Moms teen was hopeful that the doctor would say it was no big deal. However, she indicates, that’s not what happened.

Chloe shares that her doctor referred her to a specialist who put her through a rigorous slate of tests. She had 17 vials of blood drawn, and she had both an MRI and a CT scan. Lukasiak explains that the specialist detailed a number of serious medical conditions that could have been applicable in her situation, and the family had to wait quite some time for answers.

What Chloe and her family learned is that she has a condition called silent sinus syndrome. As EyeNet details, this is a fairly rare condition and is most definitely not just a “lazy eye.” Lukasiak explains that about a year ago she underwent an initial treatment to clean out the sinus in that area with the hopes that her eye would go back to normal.

At this point, however, Chloe, her family, and three surgeons have consulted and determined that the Dance Moms teen should move ahead with surgery on her eye. As she details it, a surgeon will put a piece of plastic in to support her eye and reposition it properly. Doctors felt that if they didn’t do surgery now, she might encounter more serious problems down the road.

In fact, Chloe Lukasiak’s surgery is already done at this point, and she’s quietly recovering with family. She promises to be connecting with fans again soon and talked a lot in her video about confidence and how the comments regarding her eye issue hurt her.

Chloe speaks in her video about one adult whose comments truly hurt her, and Dance Moms fans know that this is surely a reference to Abby Lee Miller. Lukasiak talks about how one adult in particular made fun of her eye situation without knowing what was happening or bothering to ask. Chloe says that while she tries not to let things like that bother her, this one really stung.

Fans of the show and the teen know that this very likely refers to the big confrontation that led to Chloe and her mom Christi’s departure from the show. In that confrontation between Abby and Christi, on the show it seemed that Abby said Chloe was washed up and Christi exploded.

However, at the time, Christi tweeted that Abby had actually made a comment about Chloe’s eye and that’s why she was so angry. While the show edited things differently, insiders indicated at the time that what Christi said was true, that Abby’s comment was about Chloe’s eye.

While this has clearly been a stressful and difficult situation for Chloe Lukasiak, the former Dance Moms star is inspiring her fans by opening up about the experience. Everybody hopes that her recovery goes smoothly and that she’s back to her regular schedule of activities, events, and dancing soon.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]