‘The Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Gets Fit, Prepares To Meet 25 Ladies On First Day Of Filming

Filming for The Bachelor Season 20 is about to get underway and Ben Higgins is making sure he’s in great shape before the ladies arrive at the Bachelor mansion. Although ABC’s new leading man looks great just the way he is, he has been working with a personal trainer to get fit for all of the shirtless moments that fans are looking forward to.

Ben shared a picture on Instagram earlier this week after his pre-Bachelor workout at Gym Uptown in Denver. He’ll be bringing his six pack to L.A. late next week to start filming, but first he’s making a stop in Honduras where he is working with Humanity and Hope United to help people in need. He’s quite a catch, isn’t he?

When does filming start, who are the girls who will be competing for Ben’s final rose, and will any contestants from previous Bachelor franchise shows showing up at the mansion? Get the latest scoop on Ben’s season below.

According to Reality Steve, the 25 girls picked for the upcoming season will be heading to Los Angeles September 20 and 21 in preparation for their first meet and greet with Ben. The girls are scheduled to arrive at the Bachelor mansion on September 24 to start filming a season that is sure to be filled with drama, broken hearts, helicopter rides, and hopefully, a love story.

E! News reports that rumors about Tenley Molzahn joining Ben’s season of the Bachelor are not true. Their source states that she prefers to be “pursued” and doesn’t want to feel insecure competing against 24 other girls.

There has been some speculation that Becca Tilley (Chris Soules’ season) will be one of the contestants on Ben’s season. Although she recently posted on Twitter that “Ben H is what most 26 yr old virgins named Becca are looking for,” fans won’t know for sure until ABC releases the official cast list.

The Bachelor Season 20 premieres January 4, 2016, so it will be awhile before the network releases the contestants’ names. However, Reality Steve stated in a recent blog post that he knows who some of the girls are already, so fans may find out even sooner.

“The limo entrances will be on the 24th. I will start releasing some of the girls once the season rolls around as I’ve got quite a few already. I’ve also gotten some information on where they’re headed this season but waiting to confirm on a couple of those. Once I get confirmation, I’ll let you know.”

Are you excited to watch Ben Higgins’ season of the Bachelor in January?

[Image: ABC]