Jeffrey And Jeanette Navin: Bizarre New Details In Missing Couple Case, ‘Did You Hurt Mom?’ Dad Asks Son

New details in the strange disappearance of a wealthy husband and wife in Easton, Connecticut, paint a bizarre picture of a man fearing that his own son was attempting to frame him for a murder — a son who was soon arrested on an unrelated gun charge and whose behavior on the day his parents vanished has raised suspicions, though he has yet to be charged with anything related to their vanishing.

Jeffrey Navin, 56, and his wife Jeanette Navin, 55, were last seen on August 4, when they stopped in at J&J Refuse, the trash disposal and recycling company the family owned. Three days later, family members reported the couple missing.

And two days after that, on August 9, a pickup truck owned by the Navins was found with a shattered window, abandoned in a commuter parking lot in Westport, Connecticut. But there was no sign of either Jeffrey of Jeanette Navin.

An extensive search since then has turned up nothing. Police have even scoured through nearby landfills looking for possible human bodies or body parts, but none were found.

Their son, 27-year-old Kyle Navin, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with possession of a firearm by a person who uses illegal drugs, but the charge had nothing to do with his parents’ disappearance, police said.

However, on the same day, police released an affidavit detailing text messages between Jeffrey and Kyle Navin — messages in which the elder Navin expresses concern that Kyle may have somehow harmed his mother.

“Did you hurt mom?” Jeffrey Navin asked his son, according to a CNN report.

“No absolutely not. Why would you think,” was Kyle’s reponse.

And then the affidavit — as reported in the Waterbury Republican-American newspaper — goes on to show that not only did Jeffrey Navin suspect his son of hurting Jeanette Navin, but that he would be framed for her murder.

“I go home and get framed for murder,” the dad told his son in the next text message.

“Oh stop,” replied Kyle.

“I’m going to the police first,” Jeffrey Navin texted.

“Ok and reason being?” Kyle Navin responded.

To which his father replied by text message, “U R setting me up.”

But Kyle Navin has not been accused of anything to do with his parents’ disappearance and has not been listed as a suspect — even though the day after they vanished, Kyle Navin went on a strange shopping expedition, purchasing bleach, drain opener, stain remover and plastic bags used in industrial clean-up projects, according to police.

According to investigators, in four interviews in the 10 days following the disappearance of Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin, their son gave different, conflicting versions of his own activities on the day that they vanished.

[Image: WTNH-TV]