Jill Dillard Returns To Arkansas, Duggar Daughter Takes Center-Stage During Sunday Church Service

Jill Dillard, along with husband Derick and son Israel, has returned to Arkansas from the mission field in Central America. The young family returned just in time for Amy Duggar’s wedding and sent some time at their home church in Arkansas. Jill took the stage and thanked everyone for their prayers and support.

Jill Dillard recently returned to the United States from Central America for her cousin Amy’s wedding. As expected, the Dillards attended the Sunday church service at their home church, Cross Church, in Arkansas. It appears the young missionaries were asked on stage as Jill posted a photo to her official Instagram account showing their image as they stood on the stage.

“So grateful to our church for their prayers and support today during the service @crosschurch
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Jill notes that her church family has been praying for the missionary work and that she appreciates their support during this time. Jill recently shared an update on the Dillard Family Ministry to her official blog which noted that they have been spending the last few weeks studying Spanish with private tutors.

Jill says that she has used her new language skills to help minister to her private tutors and that she has learned a lot.

“The way our school teaches is individualized, so we each have an instructor. This really helps us to be immersed and practice conversational Spanish everyday. It has opened up good opportunities for both of us to talk about the Bible and pray with our teachers.”

Though Jill is back in Arkansas with the Duggar family for the time being, she will quickly return to her work in Central America after Amy Duggar’s wedding this weekend.

Jill seems in good spirits despite the scandal surrounding her older brother Josh Duggar. Jill touched briefly on her brother’s infidelity noting that the month of August ended on a “sad note” and that she truly appreciates the prayers from fans during the difficult time

Jill’s sister, Jessa Seewald, has also recently opened up about the scandal by sharing a scathing post by her in-laws. It seems the whole Duggar family is distancing itself from Josh Duggar during this time as it was revealed he entered rehabilitation for a sex addiction.

What do you think of the work the Dillard Family Ministries has done so far in Central America?

[Image Credit: Instagram]