Keanu Reeves Turns 51, Despite Not Actually Aging

Keanu Reeves turns 51-years-old today (September 2) and to honor it, here are some reasons why Reeves deserves to be celebrated.

As many people already know, Keanu Reeves is either immortal or he’s a vampire. Okay, that might just be a conspiracy theory, but the guy looks the same as he did back in 1994. This could easily just be attributed to Reeves having great genes, but the more logical explanation is immortality, obviously.

The name Keanu means “the cool breeze” in Hawaiian. We think that’s really “cool.”

Speaking of names, Keanu loves the name John. Or rather, he must look like a John. Or possibly, he has really good luck auditioning for roles with the name John. Reeves has played a total of six characters named John in his career and will soon be adding a seventh. This may not be a good reason for why Reeves is the best celebrity ever, but it’s still a fun fact.

Keanu is a serious bad-you-know-what. Not only has he been an avid motorcycle fanatic since he was 22-years-old, but Reeves has co-founded a motorcycle company as well. Reeves talked about his company, the Arch Motorcycle Company, with Cycle World, back in March. Keanu actually got his abdominal scar from a motorcycle crash. In an interview with Rolling Stone 15 years ago, Reeves admitted that he received the scar after he crashed on what he called a “demon ride.” Keanu said he was going too fast when he had the wreck that caused him to need his spleen removed, hence the scar.

Reeves has played in a seriously wide variety of roles. The Decider points out the diversity that Reeves has displayed. From his breakout role as Ted in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, to his role as Neo in the action flick, The Matrix, Keanu has definitely shown how versatile he can be when it comes to his acting career.

Reeves once gave his seat up to a woman on the subway. Keanu is known as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, and his chivalry is probably one of the reasons he’s earned that title. The fact that Reeves is riding the subway in the first place shows how humble he is already, but when Keanu gave his seat up for someone else, that really showed what a great guy he is.

Keanu is said to be worth about $350 million dollars. Instead of buying mansions and a slew of foreign race cars, Reeves donates his money and gives it away just as quickly as he receives it. The best representation of this is noted by The Richest. Keanu gave about $75 million dollars of his earnings from The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions to the special effects and costume design teams. Reeves believed that those people deserved to be recognized more for the roles they played in making the film. Keanu’s donation made each of them an instant millionaire.

There’s no doubt that Keanu is talented at what he does, but he is definitely unlike the average celebrity. He uses his wealth for good and stays grounded despite the fame he’s achieved, and for that, he deserves to be celebrated more than anyone else, especially on his birthday.

Keanu Reeves’ new movie, Knock Knock, will be released to theaters October 9.

[Photo Courtesy of Araya Diaz/Getty Images]