Hubert Tang California Lottery: Man Buys Lottery Ticket After Finding $20 In Airport, Wins Big

Hubert Tang hit the California lottery with a brilliant stroke of luck. According to Naples Daily News, the San Francisco Bay Area man says that he found $20 outside of the San Francisco International Airport and decided to buy a lottery ticket with the money. He says that he hadn’t purchased a lottery ticket in over a decade, but figured he’d try to expand on his good fortune. He went to a store and purchased two scratch tickets, and one of them was a big winner!

“I scratched the ticket outside of the store. I told my friend who I was with that I didn’t know if it was real but, ‘I think I just won a million dollars,'” Mr. Tang said in a brief statement.

Hubert Tang’s California lottery story is quickly going viral on the web this week. While he wasn’t available for comment on Monday, people can’t seem to stop talking about his luck and just how the universe works in such mysterious ways. Certainly, finding some money on the ground doesn’t always equate to winning the lottery, but apparently, Mr. Tang had a hunch.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Hubert Tang works as a bartender. He plans on saving the money he just won, and doesn’t have anything specific he wants to buy just yet. Or, at least, he’s not talking about anything specific that he’d like to buy.

Andrea’s Market, the store in Millbrae where Tang bought the winning scratch ticket, will also get a nice kickback from the winning ticket. The owner will receive a $5,000 bonus from the lottery, which is pretty common when people win big.

Hubert Tang won the California lottery on Wednesday.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, another lottery story made headlines this month. A man in Missouri won $25 million on a Mega Millions ticket in July, but didn’t even realize how much money he’d won. It took him seven days to head to the lottery to claim his winnings, and he finally revealed why.

It was because he thought he won $25,000 not $25 million! Had the man not claimed the large prize after a week, he still would have been okay. In most states, the lottery allows winners to claim their prize money 180 days after the winning numbers are drawn.

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