WWE News: Shooting Reported At The WWE Performance Center, One Person Hospitalized

Just days after stopping a crazed fan at a WWE live event who tried to attack Dean Ambrose, the WWE had endured another scare at their Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. According to Shannon Butler of WFTV, a shooting took place at the WWE Performance Center just moments ago.

At this time, one person was taken to a nearby medical facility with a gunshot wound, but nothing more has been confirmed. On Twitter, Butler spoke to a witness and is trying to get a quote from WWE officials.

WFTV is also reporting that it was the sheriff deputy who was shot on the premises. The media is currently awaiting the Orange County sheriff to make an official statement on the matter. Before the shooting took place, WWE officials at the Performance Center saw a man trespassing, which prompted them to call the police.

Triple H, COO of the WWE, just posted the latest update on the shooting in Orlando.

As far as the WWE is concerned, they aren’t a company that warrants a threat. Aside from small instances like getting a briefcase thrown at Roman Reigns’ head, WWE superstars aren’t put in danger by anybody but themselves in the ring.

WWE’s Performance Center is a state-of-the-art facility that is helping shape the future of professional wrestling and sports entertainment. Within the last several months, their center was featured in an episode of E:60 that helped fans and non-fans around the world go inside the WWE.

This instance won’t come up on WWE television, nor will it be publicized by anybody in the company. It’s a matter out of the WWE’s hands, which is what Triple H alluded to when he noted that Orange County officials will comment on this matter from here on out.

[Image via Twitter]