Michigan Highway Sniper: Police Warn Of Sniper Targeting Cars Along South Michigan Freeways [Video]

Michigan authorities are on the lookout for an alleged highway sniper, an individual who allegedly fired on several passing cars.

The first report that sparked concern of a possible sniper didn't exactly involve a potential highway shooter. According to CNN, a baffled motorist contacted authorities on August 19 about a "projectile" that has struck their vehicle. An investigation into the matter soon revealed similar complaints by six other drivers. Although not officially linked, seven motorists contacted Michigan authorities between July 29 and August 19 about the damage caused to their vehicles.

ABC News reports that in the motorists' vehicles were hit by unidentified projectiles on the rural highways surrounding Battle Creek, Michigan. WTVB said that the incidents were reported "between 11-Mile and I-69 on I-94 (in Calhoun County) and on I-69 between Jonesville Road and M-60 in Branch County."

Calhoun County Sheriff Matt Saxton told ABC News the vehicles were targeted "between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.," during both daylight and nighttime hours.

The drivers were driving rather than stopped when their vehicles were hit.

At the moment, only one car is the confirmed target of a possible sniper. Testing proved that the vehicle was indeed struck by a bullet. What kind of bullet or firearm involved is unknown at the moment.

Additional testing is needed of the other cars allegedly targeted to better determine the possible connection. Saxton said, "We're still going over the vehicles [to] ascertain if the damage...caused [was] caused by the same firearm."

Although more evidence is needed to develop a more exact connection between the vehicles, what information is available has led Michigan authorities to believe that someone is purposely taking aim at innocent highway motorists.

Fortunately, the alleged sniper hasn't caused any fatalities or serious injuries. Still, police aren't waiting for that good fortune to end before moving to do something about this alarming problem.

ABC 7 reports that authorities are examining the area from the skies to find clues, or potentially spot the alleged sniper. Saxton wants drivers to "feel safe" on Michigan highways, and to stop any potential sniper from causing further harm to innocent motorists.

According to a report by WTVB, the Calhoun County's Major Crimes Task Force was activated in response to the case. Detectives in the Rowlie Castille highway sniper case were also asked to assist in the investigation.

Michigan authorities ask that any citizen who drove near the areas of highway in question inspect their cars for damage. If anything odd is found, you are to contact local police immediately. Residents are also asked to be on the lookout for any unfamiliar or suspicious cars parked along south Michigan freeways for an unusual stretch of time.

[Image Credit: Screen Grab via YouTube/ABC News]