Luke Skywalker Actor Mark Hamill Speaks Out Regarding Gun Control

Hamill's tweet ignited a wide range of debate among his fans, who stand on both sides of the issue.

Actor Mark Hamill spoke out on Twitter Wednesday following the shooting of two journalists on live television in Virginia, and pro-gun Star Wars fans reacted fiercely on the social media platform in response.

Hamill’s tweet referenced a mass shooting that took place in Australia in 1996, which spurred the government of that country to enact sweeping gun-safety laws. As Raw Story points out, Australia’s National Firearms Agreement made automatic and semi-automatic rifles and pump-action shotguns illegal in the country, while a national gun buy-back initiative brought in more than 640,000 weapons.

Hamill also expressed his support for the father of Alison Parker, one of the victims of this week’s shooting, who has since spoken out about his intention to help push for tougher gun laws to honor his daughter’s memory, as CNN reports.

“That’s what the [National Rifle Association] is thinking right now,” Andy Parker asserted. “The NRA is saying, it will go away. And, you know, they are the most powerful lobby in the country. And someone has got… to take them on. By God, I am going to do it.”

Hamill’s tweet immediately struck a nerve with Star Wars fans, who stand on both sides of the often contentious issue. Many of those who were displeased with Hamill’s stance immediately drew comparisons with the plot of Star Wars, accusing the actor famous for playing Luke Skywalker of “defecting to the Empire.”

A number of personal attacks were also lobbed at Hamill, with one social media user asserting that he was a “f***ing embarrassment,” and others calling him ignorant. Several Twitter users asked Hamill if he was considering leaving for Australia, while others accused him of being out of his depth regarding the issue.

Though a wide range of negative responses were hurled at Hamill on social media following his tweet, a number of his fans also came to his defense, while others voiced their support for his position. In just a short time, the multiple threads which stemmed from Mark Hamill’s original tweet became a hotbed of debate (both civil and otherwise) regarding the topic of gun control.

[Photo by Jesse Grant / Getty Images]