WWE News: Actor Stephen Amell Hurts Himself Training For ‘SummerSlam’

From the sounds of it, the training that Arrow star Stephen Amell is going through in preparation for his first ever wrestling match at SummerSlam isn’t going as smoothly as he may have thought.

The WWE newcomer took to Facebook to talk about the training for his upcoming bout, where he (Amell) will team with Neville to take on Stardust and King Barrett. In the post, Stephen Amell speaks about almost breaking his own jaw while doing some weightlifting.

“Super fired up this morning… I was training, I was doing a snatch-pull-curl… I don’t know, with a bar. I snatched it so hard that it literally cracked me in the jaw, right here [shows off lower jaw]. And both my molars, indented into my tongue. I’m okay. I’m just waiting for some ice at the moment. Ice it down, take the swelling of the tongue away. Hopefully get back to speaking in a more normal voice. I’m very excited to loop my lines on Arrow today, because I don’t think I necessarily sound like me. Nothing like ringing your bell first thing in the morning.”

In addition to his weightlifting routine, Stephen Amell has been undergoing some in-ring training for his SummerSlam role. Amell took to Twitter to discuss how that is going, specifically mentioning the toll that the training has taken on his body.

Difficulty moving around shouldn’t be surprising for someone taking a crash course in wrestling with just a few days to go until SummerSlam. It appears that Amell is looking to do quite a bit more than the typical celebrity who gets involved in a wrestling match. While we’ve seen examples in the past of some celebrities really trying to take up the craft (Karl Malone, Lawrence Taylor), it’s more common to see celebrities take the typical punch-kick (and that’s about it) approach.

So far, wrestling fans have seemed indifferent to the Stardust vs. Amell storyline, with lukewarm reactions during RAW segments. However, some WWE legends have been getting involved in the build-up to the match. WWE Hall of Famers Edge and Trish Stratus recently commented on Twitter about Stephen Amell’s SummerSlam involvement, firmly giving the Arrow actor their stamp of approval.

[Image via WrestlingRumors.net]