Austin Mahone And Becky G Split: ‘Mmm Yeah’ Singer Confirms News Of Their Breakup

Teens will be sad to hear of Austin Mahone and Becky G’s split. The young couple that was once in love has gone their separate ways. Austin triggered breakup rumors when he posted cryptic messages on social media.

Austin Mahone, 19, took to Instagram on Aug. 9 to share a black-and-white selfie of himself with a frown on his face. He also included the following caption: “My nose ring fell out, and it won’t go back in. Oh well, I guess some things are just not meant to be…”


Not only is Austin saddened by losing his nose ring, he appears to be saddened by losing his girlfriend. Some fans speculated that the message was a reference to his split with Becky G. Austin wasn’t too sad to attend Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday party, though. He attended the event solo, but left with Hailee Steinfeld, according to a report via Hollywood Life. But another report claims that Austin also partied with another girl at the party.

The “Mmm Yeah” singer also attended the bash with Sofia Richie. Don’t get too excited just yet, Mahonies! Richie was there with her boyfriend, Jake Andrews.

Over the past weekend, Mahone also tweeted the cryptic message: “You’ll always mean the world to me.” Becky G even favorited the mysterious tweet.

According to a report via Twist magazine, Austin confirmed the news of their split at his Madame Tussauds wax figure unveiling in New York. He responded with a resounding, “Yeah, we broke up,” when asked about his relationship status with Becky G.

The “Shower” singer has been posting similar cryptic messages on social media, as well. Becky hinted that both the personal problems and hectic rehearsals in her life was the “perfect thing to focus on right now.” After fans were concerned about her well-being, she clarified that she was “happy,” even with all the stress that she was going through in her life.

Becky G and Austin Mahone haven’t even been photographed together since July 4, causing their fans to wonder if the couple has broken up weeks ago. It may have been recent, though, since Becky G recently promoted Mahone’s latest music video on Twitter.

In a recent interview with the Tribute, Becky G said she would love to work on music with Austin Mahone in the near future.

“Yeah, we make music together all the time. I think that’s one of the things that we bond over a lot. He’s very talented; he writes and produces music. Hopefully, there was a song we did a while ago that will make it on my album that we made with Dr. Luke, so that would be really cool. But nothing is set in stone, it’s always changing.”

Austin Mahone and Becky G’s relationship status could change in the near future. If their hectic schedules is what’s keeping them apart, then maybe they can find a way to make it worth again. Mahone must be torn up, since he considered it his “first real relationship.”

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[Image: Michael Buckner / Getty Images for PMC]