'Straight Outta' Photos Go Viral: Straight Outta Somewhere Website Helps Twitter, Instagram, And Facebook Users Make Funny Photos

Paula Mooney

On Friday, Instagram and Twitter began filling with funny photos tagged #StraightOutta with a variety of words following the "Straight Outta" text, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Initially, there were approximately 25,000 Instagram "Straight Outta" photos that quickly grew to 30,000 photos from folks proclaiming where they were "Straight Outta." By Saturday, August 8, more than 78,000 Instagram photos appeared under the #StraightOutta hashtag. On Facebook, the most popular #StraightOutta photos appear on the tops of Facebook users' profiles based on algorithms.

Most people are using the Straight Outta Somewhere website to create these photos and memes, at least those who aren't using Photoshop or apps to make their "straight outta" photos. It's a trend that doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. By using straightouttasomewhere.com, users can upload any photo they want and then use the slider provided to adjust the photo's size accordingly. Although the Straight Outta Somewhere website only allows users to post directly Facebook or Twitter, users are likely taking screenshots or emailing themselves the photos in order to share their "Straight Outta" creation on Instagram.

While some users are proclaiming that they're "straight outta" a certain city or locale, others are uploading funny images proclaiming that Bill Cosby is "straight outta" pills. Kobe Bryant is "straight outta" teammates, and Meek Mill is "straight outta" lyrics. It's a successful viral photo campaign that is definitely bringing attention to the movie Straight Outta Compton, a film set to open on August 14.

Straight Outta Compton tells the story of the rise N.W.A., a rap group that grew from underground tapes passed around the country to worldwide success because of their raw and real lyrics.

Meanwhile, the hashtag #StraightOutta on Twitter is also a popular one, showing folks continuing to upload their concoctions and prove their copywriting skills all at once.

Some of the most popular Instagram "Straight Outta" photos include one from Scott "tha_judge" Judge, which has swelled to gain 4,622 likes in seven hours and professes his love of working out.

Sometimes you have to go a little crazy to get to where you wanna be. You gotta go out of your mind. Attack everything you do with an effort unknown to mankind. #gohard #hardcorenutrition #hnathletesearch #hnsupps #straightoutta

Comin soon in theaters near you, it all started here.....them tortillas doe #straightoutta

[Image via straightouttasomewhere.com]