WWE News: WWE Officials Considering Bringing Back Divas Tag-Team Titles?

There’s nothing stopping the WWE Divas division on the main roster, as well as the Women’s division on NXT. Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Charlotte made a huge impact on WWE Raw weeks ago and that is what Stephanie McMahon and Triple H wanted since they all made their debuts on WWE NXT years back.

Even in their slight absence on NXT, women like Dana Brooke, Emma, Bayley and Eva Marie have carried the load. The NXT Women’s division is not going to slow down. Next week, Lynch and Bayley will wrestle for a shot at Sasha Banks’ NXT Women’s title at NXT Takeover in Brooklyn on August 22.

Among the exquisite publicity the Divas Revolution is getting, the WWE received negative press this morning. Lynch, Paige and Charlotte’s new stable name, the Submission Sorority, is tied to the XXX industry. Clearly, they will be getting a fresh title for their group next week.

For some good news in the WWE Divas division, only one belt is not enough. No, WWE officials won’t be adding another championship. That will happen once a brand split takes place. According to Ringside News, a new championship is being considered for the WWE Divas.

There has been talk withing WWE about adding a Divas tag-team title. The reason behind this move would be to help further push the Divas division more than it already is.

Adding a Divas Tag-Team Championship would help bolster the division and add even more storylines to aide in their legitimacy. The notion that women’s wrestling is some of the most exciting on the card each night is very accurate. No longer is the Divas segment a “bathroom break” for WWE fans.

Truly, they never should’ve been a bathroom break, but WWE fans will watch whatever they want to. That’s what makes wrestling a subjective entertainment program. Since the Divas Revolution, a new face in the Divas championship race came to light.

In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, Charlotte is rumored to fight for the WWE Divas title at WWE SummerSlam. Remember, that isn’t confirmed yet, but Charlotte seems to be the favorite going forward for the first championship reign from the WWE NXT women. Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks are both doing excellent jobs in their respective roles.

That being said, which new-WWE pair would be a great first reign as WWE Divas Tag-Team champions? Lynch and Paige, or Naomi and Tamina have potential to be great tag-teams. The stables would have to remain intact, therefore, one of those two teams could feud for the belts. Either way, a tag-team division would only help the Divas division.

[Image via sportskeeda.com]