Michael Schumacher, Corinna Schumacher Celebrate 20th Wedding Anniversary, Still No Update On Driver’s Recovery

On Saturday, Michael Schumacher and Corinna Schumacher celebrated their 20th wedding celebration. A momentous occasion in any husband and wife’s life. However, fans of the Formula One icon aren’t sure how the pair actually marked this day, as Michael Schumacher is still in recovery following his skiing accident back in December 2013.

According to the Express, the couple “quietly had their 20th wedding anniversary” over the weekend. However, motor-sport fanatics are still pining for an update on his condition and how far along he is with his recovery.

In a previous interview with the above publication, a source explained that Corinna has been ever present alongside Michael as he has been bedridden. The insider remarked, “He doesn’t know she’s in the room with him in Grenoble but all the time that positive love is flowing into him.”

They also spoke about how Corinna would react if, heaven forbid, Michael actually succumbed to the injuries that he gathered during the skiing accident that resulted in him being in a coma back in December 2013. “If he should not come through this, then life as she knows it will also end. She could never love again,” they insisted.

While we’ve been provided with drips and drabs of information regarding Michael Schumacher’s condition since he was taken out of a coma back in the spring of 2014, Corinna has made sure to keep news of Schumacher’s recovery at a minimum.

Corinna and Michael originally met at a Ferrari party just before Michael Schumacher started to drive with the Italian giants. The soiree was held while Schumacher was with Benetton, where he won the first two of his seven Formula One world championships.

Speaking about his wife, Michael Schumacher previously admitted before his accident that he was surprised that his wife was able to adapt to his pace of life, while he also revealed that they’d never actually had a fight. Michael Schumacher told a TV interviewer, “It’s because we shared the same values. During all the time I was racing she was my guardian angel.”

Over the last few months, there have been differing updates on Michael Schumacher’s condition. Former Ferrari boos Jean Todt previously raised hopes stating that he was “improving,” but then more recently Luca di Montezemelo insisted that Schumacher’s plight was “very sad.” Corinna actually started legal action against three German papers after they printed false news on Schumacher’s health.

[Image via Getty Images/Staff]