Kate Middleton Rumors: Duchess Kate Furious At Queen Elizabeth For Skipping Prince George’s Birthday, Feud Between The Two Intensifies

Kate Middleton is reportedly furious at Queen Elizabeth after the monarch skipped out on the birthday celebration for Prince George, with new reports that a feud is growing between Duchess Kate and the Queen of England.

Duchess Kate and husband Prince William threw a large party for their son on his second birthday, with family coming in from across the U.K. to visit. Even 94-year-old Prince Phillip made the two-hour journey, but his wife, Queen Elizabeth, stayed home.

The situation reportedly didn’t go over well with Kate Middleton.

“This would have been the perfect opportunity for the Queen to show her support for Kate,” and insider told Life & Style (via Celeb Dirty Laundry). “There are clearly some tensions. The Middletons thought that the message they were getting from the Queen was definitely a disapproving one.”

This is not the first time that rumors have hinted to a feud between Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth. There have been reports of tension related to Duchess Kate’s ideas on raising Prince George and Princess Charlotte, which do not include some royal traditions.

Duchess Kate has reportedly decided to buck traditions by skipping out in some of her royal duties and living away from preferred residences. Kate is also giving her mother, Carole Middleton, a lot of power in making family decisions.

Celeb Dirty Laundry explains the rumors as follows.

“Carole and Kate have instituted a new regimen that favors family and middle class values instead of privilege. Make no mistake, the Middletons and royal enjoy the power and riches of a multi-million dollar allowance, but Carole and Kate call the shots. Anmer Hall is [a] lavish country home, but the Middleton family dominates, constantly making changes to royal traditions and protocol.”

The tension has reportedly spilled over, with Prince Charles also being cut out of decisions for Prince George, who is in line to become King of England.

“William and Kate’s rejection of Charles as a formative influence for George has been painful for him, but it is clearly Carole whom William and Kate believe will instill the right values in the future King,” the Daily Beast reported.

Some believe that the royal family tension is starting to affect Kate Middleton. There are rumors that Duchess Kate has been very stressed out, and some believe her recent weight loss is related to the anxiety she feels over the feud with Queen Elizabeth.

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