Loving Couple To Recreate Wedding 60-Years Later At Same Church Where They Got Married

A loving couple is set to recreate their wedding 60-years later at the same church where they originally tied the knot. The special ceremony will be complete with a best man and bridesmaids.

It’s not that Brian and Shirley Davies have forgotten their special day in 1955, but the day was “a blur” and they thought it would be a good idea to remember what if felt like. It won’t be as inexpensive as it was 60-years-ago, but it will be worth having their loved ones with them to celebrate the renewal of their vows.

Brian, 85, and Shirley, 80, of Wales, will take a picture standing next to each other on the church steps, the same as the black and white photo they so cherish. However, Shirley said the original plan was only to go to the church and renew their vows in front of family and friends, according to Wales Online.

“What started off as just going to the church to renew our vows has snowballed to my husband having a best man and me having bridesmaids and flower girls and a reception then a second honeymoon.”

“Big weddings weren’t the done thing back then just 10-years after the war. We were lucky enough to organize a big celebration with a three-tier horseshoe cake.”

“On the day itself I was in such a state with nerves it really was a blur so I’m hoping this time to remember every moment.”

Shirley also recalled the first time she met Brian, two-years before the wedding, while hanging out at a park, according to South Wales Evening Post.

“We met in Singleton Park, he walked past and wolf-whistled at me. We then saw each other in the fair on the Recreation Ground. He has the same name as my brother, that got us talking and it went from there.”

“We were courting for two years and used to go dancing and to the theater and cinema. He had to ask my mother before we got married, she said yes but not straight away.”

The adorable couple who will recreate their wedding of 60-years-ago on August 13, went on a honeymoon to London, Paris, and Dunkirk, after catching the ferry. Shirley says the idea came from the couple’s granddaughter, Jodanna and this time around the pair will spend time in Tenerife.

Brian and Shirley have two daughters, Janet and Joanne, three granddaughters, and one great-granddaughter, and she has some advise about having a long-lasting marriage.

“The secret is sharing, you have got to share everything and sit down and talk. But he does let me think that I’m the boss.”

For the ceremony recreating their wedding 60-years-ago Shirley will wear a floaty chiffon gown in silver, with a tight bodice, and beads, while Brian will wear a grey suit with tails. Brian’s best man and one of Shirley’s bridesmaids have since died, however, his 73-year-old sister — who was on the wedding party — will be there.

Shirley’s three granddaughters will be the bridesmaids and her great-granddaughter will be a flower girl, to help the loving couple recreate their wedding of 60-years-ago.

[Image via Wales Online]