Bobbi Kristina Brown: Best Friend, Bess Beckmann, Working With Authorities On Nick Gordon Murder Charges

Leigh Egan

While Bobbi Kristina Brown remains in dire medical condition at the Peachtree Christian Hospice center in Duluth, Georgia, the investigation into Nick Gordon's alleged involvement that led to her current condition continues.

One of Bobbi Kristina's best friends, Bess Beckmann, a singer from Los Angeles, is reportedly working with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) as they investigate into the claims of Gordon's physical and mental abuse against Bobbi Kristina.

Only two days prior to the January 31 incident that left Bobbi Kristina comatose, she took to Twitter to express her desire to get her music career going.

"Let's start this career up&&moving OUT TO YOU ALLL quick shall we!?"

Beckmann has also been vocal on Twitter. She's determined to make sure whoever is responsible for Bobbi Kristina's incident will pay the price.

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The GBI is possibly waiting on Bobbi Kristina to pass away before arresting Nick Gordon. There is a chance that an autopsy would need to be performed to see if Bobbi Kristina had brain damage due to physical trauma.

Meanwhile, Gordon remains with his mother, living in the Orlando, Florida, area. He was recently served a summons to appear in court for a civil lawsuit filed against him, in which he is accused not only of physically hurting Bobbi Kristina, but also stealing over $11,000 from her account while she lay unconscious in the hospital.

Prior to moving to Florida, Gordon lived with Bobbi Kristina in her townhouse, given to her by her late mother, singer Whitney Houston. Gordon lived a luxurious lifestyle off of Bobbi Kristina's inheritance, also left to her by her mother. There is no indication that Gordon was working or making his own money during the time he lived with Bobbi Kristina.

Bobbi Kristina Brown can't talk for herself and explain exactly what happened, which leaves the job to authorities to piece together the details.

[Photos Courtesy of Frazer Harrison/Getty Images & Twitter]