Baby Doe Toddler: Boston Authorities Hoping Leads Help Identify Baby Found In Trash Bag

Baby Doe toddler Boston

Baby Doe, the toddler found in Boston, has not been identified, according to police. The body of the 4-year-old was found in a trash bag on the shore of Deer Island on June 25, and despite dozens of credible tips, the mystery has yet to be solved. According to the Boston Herald, police have been working around the clock to find out who this little girl is, but have come up empty thus far.

State police spokesman David Procopio says that there have been a lot of cases cleared so far, and he believes that answers are out there.

“We are still poring through leads submitted by phone and online. We are doing well-being checks on little girls whom some of the tipsters bring to our attention, or having police in other states do 
the checks. Our detective unit has been running all over Greater Boston checking on children, and all the kids we’ve checked on so far have been determined to be alive and safe. We have cleared a lot of cases so far, and we are staying on top of the leads. There have been dozens of actionable leads so far, but as of right now 
our little girl remains 
unidentified. We know that someone out there knows who this girl was.”

The Baby Doe toddler has Boston police seeking the public’s help. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the medical examiner said that the child had brown eyes, brown hair, and weighed about 30 pounds. She was wearing white pants with black polka dots, and was in a trash bag along with a zebra striped blanket.

Mr. Procopio says that the body was found within days of the child’s death.

“She was not deceased very long before she was found — a few days at most, maybe less than that.”

According to USA Today, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children created the photo above. They hope that their computer image will help someone recognize Baby Doe. According to authorities, over 40 million people all over the country have seen the picture, and it continues to circulate.

“Obviously, the public is very engaged in this. We generated a lot of conversations, if you will, on social media and our team is working on sifting through all that information to try and find a viable lead,” said Massachusetts State Police Col. Timothy Alben.

If you know Baby Doe, or any toddler or child missing in Boston, you are asked to call Massachusetts State Police at (508) 820-2121, the Suffolk County, Massachusetts, Police at (617) 727-8817 or Winthrop, Massachusetts, Police at (617) 539-5806.

[Photo courtesy of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children]