Physicist Claims Bob Lazar, Area 51 Whistleblower, Worked As Scientist At Los Alamos [Report]

Robert “Bob” Lazar, Area 51 whistleblower, first appeared in the media in the early 1980s with the astounding claim that he was involved as a government scientist and engineer in projects at a site called S4, near Area 51, to reverse-engineer alien spacecraft and propulsion technology.

But doubt was cast on his claims after government officials denied that he ever worked for the government as a scientist and no one was able to independently corroborate his claims. Investigators such as Stanton Friedmann, who looked into Lazar’s background, also came up with evidence to debunk Lazar’s claims.

But, according to Open Minds-TV, investigators now claim that a physicist called Dr. Robert Krangle, who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratories, has come forward to confirm that he had known Lazar as a scientist at Los Alamos in the 1980s.

Jeremy Corbell, a documentary filmmaker, who was guest on Coast to Coast AM paranormal radio show with George Knapp, claims that he has secured an interview with Dr. Krangle, an MIT graduate who worked at Los Alamos and whose credentials he claims he has been able to confirm independently.

“Dr. Robert Krangle… received his doctorate from MIT in 1973 in semi-conductor physics. Krangle has been an engineering consultant to Sandia Labs in Albuquerque and Los Alamos since 1980. He has at least 50 US patents and is the man who invented the laser range finder that is now used in police traffic radar units. He has worked on heat-seeking missile technology for the military, and has helped invent the laser micrometer…”

Lazar had claimed in a series of media interviews in the late 1980s that he worked at S4 (“South 4”), a secret military research facility located at Papoose Lake, Area 51, near Groom Dry Lake, Nevada. He also claimed that he obtained degrees in physics from Caltech and MIT.

He claimed in interviews with the investigative journalist George Knapp on KLAS News – a Las Vegas CBS affiliate – that the S4 site housed several alien space vehicles based on advanced alien propulsion technologies. He claimed that he was assigned to a project to reverse-engineer an alien spacecraft that generates an artificial warp which distorts the fabric of space and time to create motion.

During his first interviews with Knapp, he appeared anonymously under a pseudonym but later agreed to reveal his identity. But because independent investigators were unable to find former colleagues willing to confirm publicly that they had worked with Lazar as a government scientist, there was widespread skepticism about his claims.

The skepticism was heightened by the fact that although Lazar claimed he obtained degrees in physics from Caltech and MIT, investigators were unable to find records that he attended the institutions. They were also unable to find former classmates who remembered him.

But Lazar claimed his records at Caltech and MIT, and records of employment as a government scientist, were expunged by the government. He claimed that he was fired from his work as a government scientist because he revealed information about his research work at Area 51. He said that after he was fired, his training and employment records were expunged.

Those who believed Lazar – mostly members of the UFO and ET enthusiast community – argued that the story that his training and employments records were expunged was credible by pointing to the fact that government officials admitted the existence of Area 51 only after they had denied it for years.

During Sunday night’s Coast to Coast AM radio show, Corbell, who is working on a film on Lazar, claimed he has found a witness willing to go on record that he had known Lazar at Los Alamos. Corbell said he found the witness by using a special software to run an automated search on Facebook based on some relevant keywords.

During the search, he found someone who commented in a Facebook group that a neighbor claimed he had worked with Lazar as a government scientist. Corbell said he contacted the Facebook user who helped him get in touch with the neighbor, Robert Krangle, who had worked at Los Alamos.

According to Corbell, Dr. Robert Krangle graduated from MIT in 1973 with a degree in semi-conductor physics. Krangle allegedly provided convincing evidence that he had worked at several top U.S. military research facilities, including Los Alamos.

According to Corbell, Krangle said he had known Lazar as a physicist at Los Alamos. Corbell played the audio clip of an interview with Krangle, in which Krangle claimed that he worked as a contractor at Los Alamos during the 1980s.

“I was doing design project… Their engineers have been beating a problem, and sometimes they get too close to a problem, so they can’t see the forest for the trees, so they bring in people like me as an outside contact to see what’s going on.”

“He [Lazar] was a physicist. Which, I am a physicist. We kind of recognize each other, you know it’s the classic pocket condom with all of the proper different colored pens, so he fit that mold. If nobody would have told me, one look, he is a physicist. You know, he is properly dressed in geekdom.”

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Krangle also said that he attended a number of security meetings with Lazar and was told never to divulge the subject of the meetings.

Krangle could not say anything about Lazar’s field of work at Los Alamos.

“I didn’t know what he was up to anymore than he knew what I was up to,” he said.

Krangle said he believed that government denied Lazar and had his training and employment records erased because he “committed professional suicide” by talking about his work.

“I understand how Los Alamos would blackball him. He committed professional suicide. He broke from the fold and talked about [his work].”

Knapp said Corbell’s research corroborates the evidence he had gathered during independent investigations and research into Lazar’s background.

“For me the key issue is whether or not Lazar really did work at Los Alamos National Lab. If he worked there in a scientific or technical position, if he had security clearances, then, I think, that could justify the idea that he would be hired to work at a place like Area 51. So that was always a central question.”

Knapp claimed that he had also interviewed people who worked with Lazar at Los Alamos but were unwilling to speak publicly.

“[Los Alamos] denied he had records. This went back and forth for a couple of years. I know he was there. We’ve interviewed people he worked with before, none of them would come forward.”

[Image: Wikimedia]