Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick Cheating Rumors Unsubstantiated After Jennifer Garner And Affleck’s Divorce Announcement [Video]

In the wake of the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner divorce announcement, if one Googles information about Affleck cheating or the names Ben and Anna Kendrick, lots of articles will emerge claiming that Kendrick and Affleck have gotten close on the set of their new movie, called The Accountant. Despite screaming headlines that Jennifer got so worried about Anna’s supposed flirtations with Ben and her Hollywood “climber” aspirations that Garner visited the movie set to ensure Affleck and Kendrick were on the up-and-up, no valid images prove that theory yet. What is proven is that Affleck wore no wedding ring in a surveillance video captured the day before Jennifer’s 43rd birthday, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Anna Kendrick affleck

Unlike the photos captured of a then-married Tori Spelling sitting on the lap of an also-married Dean McDermott in Canada while filming the Lifetime TV movie Mind Over Murder in Ottawa — an affair that the couple would confess to having when they admitted cheating in a bout of adultery the first night Tori arrived on the movie set — no such photos of Kendrick and Affleck have hit the press.

What does exist are photos of Anna and Ben in their respective roles, filming a lunch scene in Atlanta, Georgia, as reported by the Daily Mail. No smoking gun photos of Kendrick and Affleck doing anything but acting or preparing to act — no long telephoto lens captured paparazzi photos like those that broke Robert Pattinson’s heart when Kristen Stewart was caught on camera kissing her married director.


Therefore, while the divorce rumors swirled about Affleck and Garner for quite some time prior to their official divorce announcement on Tuesday, June 30, they were only pegged as rumors. Moving vans outside of the Affleck-Garner home were met with press statements about remodeling. Supposed “rock solid” sources claimed Ben and Jennifer were the victims of vicious divorce rumors created by the media, despite claims of couples counseling for years and Affleck’s awkward 2013 Argo Oscar speech with Jennifer sitting in the audience, as reported by Variety‎.

“I want to thank you for working on our marriage for 10 Christmases.”

And while fans hate to see Affleck and Garner divorce — especially those who were rooting for the 10-year marriage between Ben and Jennifer to continue — the rumors of Anna’s involvement in its demise can only be called rumors. As of now, Kendrick has only spoken of Ben’s soft-spoken voice, as reported by Esquire, and nothing nefarious has made it to the mainstream press.

Instead of Affleck and Anna cheating rumors, fans are looking back wistfully at the moment Garner fell in love with Ben — as reported by Vulture — when Jennifer was still married to Scott Foley and Affleck was dating Jennifer Lopez.