11-Year-Old Girl Dumps Boyfriend With Hilarious Messages, Becomes Internet Sensation

An 11-year-old girl has become a viral sensation thanks to a series of text messages that she sent her ex-boyfriend, which culminated in the pair splitting up.

Madi Nickens decided to share the messages that her younger sister sent the boy, whose name is Joey, with her Twitter followers. You can read these glorious messages below.

After 17-year-old Madi Nickens’ 11-year-old sister, both of whom hail from Texas, told Joey that they needed to talk, she then wrote, “So I herd you went to the park with natalie… why would you cheat on me joey? I gave you 2 chances and I actually belived you when you said you loved me but I guess not.”

Joey immediately began to protest his innocence, writing, “I’m sorry i was just hangin wit her.” However, Miss Nickens wouldn’t hear any of it, responding, “Whatever just Don’t talk to me in middle school. I didnt even love you.”

Joey appeared unperturbed by this declaration though, while he also noted that he had pretty strong evidence that she did love him a little. “Sounds good to me,” he stated, “and well you were the one that bought my Starbucks drink so you obviously loved me a little bit.”

But Nickens was adamant that she’d win this battle, and she concluded the demise of their relationship with the sublime declaration.

“Screw you joey. Ding ding ding oh what was that oh yeah the elevator cause your not on my level. I won this fight. We’re over for real this time.”

This post soon started to go viral because of just how petty and ferocious their argument had become. In fact, in the 20 hours since it was uploaded, it has been favorited over 8,250 times and re-tweeted over 5,000 times.

However, it sounds as though Madi Nickens’ sister wasn’t overly pleased with her new found fame, as Madi later provided this update.

[Image via Practically Viral]