‘Ant-Man’ Star Paul Rudd Talks Putting On The Suit, Marvel President Calls It The ‘Antidote’ To ‘Avengers’

With Ant-Man getting ready to hit theaters in a couple weeks, Paul Rudd believes one of the best parts about playing the superhero was wearing the suit. In fact, during a recent press conference, Rudd talked about how wearing the suit made him feel like he really was Ant-Man.

“I’m biased because I loved this suit and I think it’s the coolest looking suit of all… And I loved wearing it because it was not that uncomfortable and even on my days off I’d wear it. It helped me feel the part. There’s something that happens when you get in that thing that it’s inevitable. I would stand differently; I would feel like Ant-Man in that thing …”

Along with the great feeling the suit imparted, Rudd also stated that wearing the suit got hot at times.

“And you know they keep the sound stages a little bit cooler because you know it doesn’t really breathe THAT well. But it was cool, I could just sometimes catch myself going ‘Gah, this thing is amazing looking!’ “

Rudd added that he had to prepare for the role a year in advance in order to make sure he was in proper shape. “And as far as getting skinnier to try and fit in it, I didn’t eat anything for about a year. I worked out all the time,” he explained.”I took that Chris Pratt approach, which is just basically eliminate anything fun for about a year and that’s a good way to prepare to play a superhero. And again, it also helped me for the part.”

Meanwhile, as the film gets ready for a July 17 release, Marvel President Kevin Feige recently discussed the studio’s decision to make Ant-Man, and how thrilled he is to finally do something with the superhero, according to Comicbook.com.

“[Ant-Man] and the Wasp are the two that have been the longest that we haven’t done anything with and so it was always clear that we were going to assemble all the Avengers eventually… And it also was interesting to do a movie, that plays with scale and plays with action in a very different way than we have ever done before.”

When asked if the new movie was going to feature more comedy than other recent Marvel films, Feige said that Ant-Man is the “antidote” to the Avengers and also revealed that comedy wasn’t the only reason they cast Rudd for the role.

“And even when we cast Paul, people thought ‘Oh, is it a comedy because you cast a comedian.’ We cast a guy we thought could be a kick-ass super hero who happens to funny. In terms of coming off of Ultron, when we put these two films together in this year, it was always knowing that one could be the antidote of the other. Coming off of Ultron, it would be fun to do something that was funny but also dealt on a very different scale, that had the same kind of thrills and action elements but in a very different way. So it’s a flying country in one film and it’s a little girl’s bedroom in another.”

Ant-Man opens nationwide July 17, 2015.

[Image Courtesy: Marvel]