Tonya Slaton: Mom’s Son Went Missing In 2004, But A Routine Traffic Stop Unearthed The Horrifying Truth

The son of Tonya Slaton, Quincy Jamar Davis, was last seen in 2004. At the time, he was a seventh grader in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but one day he didn’t show up for school, and until recently, no one had seen him since.

But shockingly, a routine traffic stop earlier this month changed everything and resulted in the arrest of his 44-year-old biological mother.

That’s because when Slaton was pulled over for expired tags by a Virginia state trooper, the officer noticed that her car wasn’t registered, nor were her license plates on file with the DMV.

When he began to process the vehicle, he found a black trash bag in the trunk. It was sealed with duct tape, and a strong odor, like that of rotting flesh, was coming from inside.

Tonya Slaton initially told the officer the bag was dirty laundry, but not buying the excuse, he tore open the bag and found human remains inside.

While the cause of death is unknown — but is suspected as homicide — testing was able to confirm the remains belonged to Quincy Jamar Davis, CBS 6 reports.

“We really want people to come forward with any information, what could be a small detail to someone could be really important to investigators,” said Virginia State Police spokesperson Sgt. Vick in a statement to the press. “We would appreciate any assistance.”

Currently, Tonya Slaton is being held without bond. Law enforcement has only charged her with concealment of a dead body at this time, but further charges could be coming depending on what the coroner is able to determine about her son’s death.

In a separate report from PIX 11, it was noted that police “have no knowledge of” Qunicy’s welfare since 2004 and that a missing persons report “was never filed.”

What wasn’t clear from either of the initial reports, or from the police statement, was how authorities were initially alerted to the disappearance of Davis.

Unfortunately, missing persons cases often have grim conclusions with one of the most recent reports from the Inquisitr detailing the story of Kelly Dwyer, whose remains were found last month ending a two-year search.

The last person seen with her, Kris Zocco, is behind bars at the Dodge Correctional Institution in Waupun for drug and child pornography convictions, but according to Fox 6 Now, he “has never been charged in connection with Dwyer’s disappearance.”

Even if Tonya Slaton is found not guilty of causing the death of her son, what would you say a proper response to someone guilty of “body concealment” is? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image via CBS 6, linked above]