Lisa Lampanelli: Pounds Off Plan Includes Weight Loss Surgery, Sugar-Free Diet, Yoga For 107 Pounds Shed [Photos]

Lisa Lampanelli, with 107 pounds banished from her body after weight loss surgery, has changed her title from the Queen of Mean to the Queen of Lean. The comedienne chose the procedure called gastric sleeve surgery in 2012. And now Lisa feels that with the success of her pounds-off program, she can accomplish anything, reported TV Guide.

"I turned back the clock. I'm reliving my life. I just felt like I was 19 again and could do things over," said Lisa.

Lampanelli, proud of her weight loss, also takes pride in her decision to transform her career in her 50's. And in addition to taking off the pounds, Lisa feels that she's cutting out some of her meant-be-mean routine.

"The only reason I was allowed to have a career for a quarter century as an insult comic is because it's all in jest and all for fun," explained the 53-year-old comedienne.

Lisa Lampanelli flaunts new 107-pounds lighter body.
After weight loss surgery: Lisa Lampanelli flaunts new figure after losing 107 pounds.

"I'm cutting out a little just because acts aren't the same they were years ago - you kind of grow as a person and a performer. I still do the same kind of comedy, but underneath, there are more true stories - more of a message of 'I'm still working on myself and you guys can, too.'"

And in reflecting on her life, getting honest about her problem with food has become important to Lisa.

Lampanelli admitted that she put on the pounds during college, battling her weight as a result of emotional eating, reported Yahoo.

"I went away to college at 18, and I was lonely. I probably shouldn't have gone away to college. I just didn't feel ready. I felt younger than everybody else, even though I wasn't. That's when I started emotionally eating and using food as medication, just like other people use alcohol or drugs or pot or shopping or anything else. I gained weight, and that started a 32-year struggle with weight and exercise and body image problems. I didn't have a handle on it, at all."
After more than three decades of pondering her pounds, Lisa finally made the decision to have weight loss surgery.

Lisa Lampanelli, before taking off 107 pounds, topped the scale at 238 pounds.
Before weight loss surgery: Lisa Lampanelli, before taking off 107 pounds, topped the scale at 248 pounds.

But Lampanelli emphasized that, to maintain her weight loss from her highest at 248 pounds, she must recognize the difference between emotional and physical hunger.

"Weight loss surgery is a tool but it's not an easy, simple fix. It's about the emotions. It's not a trick. It's not about willpower. It's about every time you're hungry: is it about emotional hunger or physical hunger. This is not a sound bite way of life, it's an every day, every meal, wondering if you're eating your feelings or if you're eating for nutrition. It's not, "Give up a certain food and you'll lose weight." I gave up sugar, but it has nothing to do with the weight loss."
In addition to giving up sugar, Lisa credits yoga with helping her keep off the pounds. And now, with her 107-pounds weight loss success after surgery, Lampanelli is joyful about her emotional and physical well-being.

As the Inquisitr reported, Barbra Streisand also recently revealed that she struggles with food addiction. Describing her own weight loss wars, the singer admitted that she feels she is addicted to carbohydrates in particular.

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