Google Street View Reveals Ghostly Hands In Windows Of Victorian Home

When visiting a certain Victorian home on Google Street View, ghostly hands can clearly be seen in the upper windows. Is this house haunted or is there a more simple, common-place explanation?

Google Street View has revealed many strange things in the past, including, among others, an Android robot peeing on an Apple logo and an Australian woman who bared her rather huge boobs for the passing camera, but this particular story is something new.

This beautiful Victorian home in Camden, NY is on offer on the Fannie Mae Homepath website where they state, “This historical stunning home is more than rare!” and when zooming in on an image of the house on Google Street View, it appears to be rare indeed. In the upper windows what appears to be ghostly hands can clearly be seen, seemingly pushed against the glass.

The house has reportedly been empty for around five years and the Fannie Mae Homepath site mentions it is on the National Register of Historic Places.

“This property has been placed on the National Register or Historic Places! Beautiful covered porch welcomes you as you take a step back in time!”

The description goes on to say that the house has “gorgeous stained glass,” but has no mention whatsoever of the ghostly hands which can clearly be seen from the zoomed-in image from Google Street View included below.

Google Street View
Are those ghostly hands in the windows?

They also mention the “gleaming hardwood floors” and that there is a possible second apartment that “could be rented out for extra income.” When it was found on Google Street View and the ghostly hands were spotted, someone must have thought that the house already had tenants in place.

Many Internet users believe that this spectacular and rather eerie home is, indeed, haunted, but others say that the ghostly hands are probably just painted onto the windows.

According to the Mirror Online, the Victorian home was built in 1880 by a former clergyman who became a wealthy hardware business owner. However, the home apparently fell into foreclosure when the owner couldn’t sell it for $169,000.

Anyone looking for a home with character, the two and a half story home is in the Queen Anne style with a circular tower with conical roof and despite the ghostly hands, it is convenient and located close to all amenities.

While the ghostly hands are most probably just some daubs of white paint, possibly someone playing a prank, the Mirror Online asked readers if they believed in ghosts and a huge 77 percent of those polled said yes. Do you believe in ghosts?

[Images: Screen grabs from Google Street View]