Weekend Box Office: ‘Jurassic World’ Destroys Box Office With $500 Million Debut

It was to be expected, but maybe some weren’t thinking that Jurassic World would do nearly as well as it did in its debut at the weekend box office. After opening with an estimated $82.8 million at the box office on Friday, the film soared to the second-largest opening weekend in history.

Jurassic World is expected to bring in an estimated $204.6 million domestically, and that is only second to The Avengers back in 2012. That film brought in $207 million so it just fell short, but final numbers won’t be out until Monday, so stranger things have happened.

The Huffington Post brought to note that many were expecting the sequel to bring in maybe $125 million or $135 million in its opening weekend. No one was even close to expecting this kind of turn out for the dinosaur hit starring Chris Pratt.

jurassic world weekend box office

Making things even more impressive is that Jurassic World pulled in another $307.2 million from the international box office to put it at a record-setting $511.8 million worldwide debut. Never before in history has a film debuted at over half a billion dollars or even made that amount in one single weekend.

Yes, a number of ticket sales were for the more expensive 3D screenings around the world, but that’s still impressive.

As for the rest of the weekend, many others did well for themselves, but there was no way they could compete with Jurassic World. The following numbers are for this weekend’s domestic box office and are estimated per Box Office Mojo.

  1. Jurassic World – $204.6 million
  2. Spy – $16.0 million
  3. San Andreas – $11.01 million
  4. Insidious Chapter 3 – $7.3 million
  5. Pitch Perfect 2 – $6.0 million
  6. Entourage – $4.3 million
  7. Mad Max: Fury Road – $4.13 million
  8. Avengers: Age of Ultron – $3.6 million
  9. Tomorrowland – $3.4 million
  10. Love & Mercy – $1.76 million

The question now is going to be just how much staying power that Jurassic World has. Will it get better with word of mouth and the reviews coming out? Some have to wonder if people will return for repeat viewings as well.

Either way, this debut makes it more than obvious that a sequel or two is going to be on the way. Chris Pratt has found himself in the middle of another overly successful franchise, and he’s quickly heading up the ladder of successful actors.

Another note on the huge total for Jurassic World is that it pulled in $44.1 million on IMAX screens around the world. To put it into perspective, that beat out the previous best of Iron Man 3 in 2013 which nabbed $28.8 million.

Jurassic World shocked the world with the weekend box office for its debut, but it is far from done. The raptors still have plenty of time on the big screen and look to pull in much more money before it becomes extinct.

[Images via Universal Studios]