‘I Killed My BFF’ Lifetime Babysitter Movie Based On True Story Of Anne Camp, Jamie Dennis Gianakos Case

I Killed My BFF is the hottest new movie by Lifetime. I Killed My BFF, which is loosely inspired or based on a true story, will air tonight on Lifetime Television. The original telefilm takes its inspiration from their hit true crime documentary series by the same name. The TV series documentary debuted for the first time on March 25, 2013 on the BIO channel, later showing on the Lifetime channel. Each episode featured the true crime stories of a murderer who killed their best friend. Investigation Discovery (ID) also featured the case on an episode of Frenemies.

According to the Movies Based On True Stories Archives, the Lifetime movie I Killed My BFF is most likely based on one of those episodes which featured the murder case of Anne Marie Camp. Camp was murdered by Jamie Dennis and her husband, Michael Gianakos, in 1997. According to court documents, Anne Camp and Jamie Dennis were best friends. In fact, the two were so close that Anne Camp served as the maid of honor at Jamie’s wedding. Anne was also the couple’s babysitter.

Jamie Dennis was an aspiring writer who couldn’t quite figure out how to make a living at it. Desperate for money, Jamie Dennis and her husband robbed a motel, then later showed the wad of cash to Anne Camp. Once the robbery was connected to them, the couple grew fearful that Anne Camp would testify against them at trial and decided to kill her.

Putting their plan in motion, the couple convinced Anne Marie Camp to go with them up to a remote farmhouse on the outskirts of Minnesota. During the drive, they opened a bottle of wine and offered some to Anne Camp. Anne didn’t know that the drink was spiked with pills. When they arrived at the farmhouse, Michael Gianakos shot Anne in the back of the head, then dragged her body to an area behind the farmhouse. Once behind the farmhouse, he shot Anne in the face so that no one could identify her. Her throat was also slashed. The victim’s mother reported her missing and the body was later found in an area near Sabin, Minnesota.

Investigators indicted Michael and Jamie Gianakos, aka Jamie Dennis, in Camp’s death in 1999. Today, Michael Sean Gianakos is serving a life sentence in a federal prison in California. Jamie Lyn Dennis Gianakos is still incarcerated in a Minnesota correctional facility with eligibility for early release in 2016.

Lifetime’s recreation and dramatization of this case should be an interesting true-story movie for viewers. Tune in tonight at 8/7c to see how Lifetime pulled the movie together based on the case. Here is the tease for I Killed My BFF.

“Shane Riley and Heather Thomas become fast friends when they meet in a shared hospital room after giving birth. Two years later, one of them will be found brutally murdered. The two young mothers become inseparable as Shane strives to make her mark on the world and Heather grapples with severe bipolar disorder. Though they support each other at first, their friendship is headed for troubled waters. When an investment goes south, Shane takes matters into her own hands to secure some fast cash. Meanwhile, as Heather fights a bitter battle for custody of her daughter, she can’t help but submit to a dangerous attraction to Shane’s gorgeous boyfriend. Both women will have to make a terrible choice: save your family, or sacrifice your best friend. Inspired by true events, this wild, gritty and emotional ride becomes a race against the clock as the audience is kept guessing which friend will be gruesomely killed, and which friend will become a killer herself.”

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