Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart Lock Lips At ‘Mr Holmes’ Premiere, Prove Their Best Friendship Is Better Than Yours

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen have the most beautiful friendship in all of show business. And the bosom buddies decided to celebrate their closeness at the premiere of McKellen’s latest film, Mr. Holmes, by sharing a smooch together on the red carpet.

McKellen and Stewart spotted each other at the London premiere of the film, which sees the X-Men and Lord of the Rings actor playing an elderly version of Sherlock Holmes who is struggling with the onset of dementia, and couldn’t help but showcase their love for one another by kissing outside Kensington’s Odeon cinema.

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen’s friendship has long been the source of much fascination for movie fans. In fact, while promoting their turns in X-Men: Days Of Future Past last summer the pair, were asked to explain why they are such good pals by Yahoo Movies UK.

Stewart explained that their friendship is based on “both [their] differences and [their] similarities,” declaring that they’re both incredibly passionate about Shakespeare and theater as well the fact that they’re both “mutant superheroes.”

Meanwhile, McKellen teased that he is so close to Patrick Stewart because he feels “superior” to him and can “stroke his head,” which he can do because he’s bald. McKellen also insisted that he loves Patrick because he is so loveable and he “just wants to give him a hug.”

Over the course of 2013, the pair lit up Twitter with their vast array of tweets that featured their adventures around New York City too. You can check out some of these amazing pictures, which were captured when the pair were on stage in Waiting For Godot, below.

Meanwhile, probably the most amazing thing about their friendship is that Sir Ian McKellen actually officiated the wedding between Sir Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell back in 2013 too.


[Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images/NYMag]