German Shepherd Returns From The Woods With Something Straight Out Of A Walt Disney Film

Tim Butters

When a German Shepard entered the deep dark woods of her hometown one fine morning for her regular walk, the happy go lucky hound returned from the thicket with something that could have strutted straight off the set of a Walt Disney film.

The Mirror reports that the pet pooch named Iris was out for her morning constitutional in Southern Pines, North Carolina when the German Shepard's owner noticed something that would not be out of place in a Walt disney movie.

It wasn't a magical princess, a mouse with big ears, a flying elephant, a gang of dwarves, or a talking bear, it was, drum roll please, a little baby deer.

The little lost fawn attached itself to the gentle German Shepard because it believed in the words of Iris's owner Adrian Flores, that the seven-month-old cuddly canine was actually its mother.

Adrian filmed the entire enthralling encounter between the domesticated dog and the friendly fawn on his phone and explained that the Disney deer followed him and his German Shepard for more than half an hour.

In the clip of "Bambi" and Iris that Adrian posted on You Tube, both fawn and hound can be seen chilling together on the tarmac in the wake of their morning excursions.

German Shepherds have hit the headlines hard this week. Say a prayer for poor Jericho in Columbus. The hairy German Shepherd was dropped off by his owner at a local dog groomer with instructions that he needed a trim, only to be picked up some time later shaved and looking like the perfumed prize poodle from hell.

The groomers defended their actions saying that Jericho's owner, Julie McGill, knew her dog was getting a "Lion's cut," but the lady in question begs to differ and expressed her outrage to Fox News.

"I was shocked. I would have never asked him to cut my dog like that. He wouldn't eat and drink for two days. To cut him like a Poodle, I think it's just wrong."

Yet in the crazy world of German Shepherd news, the story of Iris and the Disney deer tops the bunch, and if you've ever wondered what the best Walt Disney film that was never made would be called, it's simple - "The Fawn and the Shepherd"' Now pass the popcorn bucket!

(Image via the Mirror)