‘Boba Fett’ Movie: ‘A High Priority’ Lucasfilm President Says

A Boba Fett movie is a “high priority” in the Star Wars massive comeback, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy said to calm fans’ fears.

The remarks were made while Kennedy spoke with Kotaku and was asked what role does a Boba Fett movie have in this new Star Wars Universe the studio is introducing with The Force Awakens.

Kotaku: In yesterday’s kick-off meeting, you joked that Jar-Jar does not come back. On that note, will Boba Fett come back? Also, is there a possibility of Ewok re-appearance?”

“Kennedy: Don’t worry, Boba Fett is a high priority among our list, please wait. But seeing how the Ewoks could return is a little harder to imagine. It is quite difficult to give the many stars of Star Wars their own stories on film.”

Lucasfilm is hard at work, not only with the promised Boba Fett movie — expected in theaters in 2017 — but two other Star Wars Anthology films, one of which is Rogue One, which opens in theaters in 2016. The other Anthology film’s title is not known at this time.

All this, in addition to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December and the Star Wars Rebels animated series, will put Lucasfilm and Disney on a level playing field with Marvel’s Universe. Despite Kennedy’s comments that not all characters in the franchise will have their own spinoff, the Boba Fett movie will expand on the very popular Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back character fans love so much.

We have also heard Han Solo will have his own spinoff (perhaps that third Anthology?) and there have been rumors that the Solo and Boba Fett movie would be somehow tied together, as reported by the Inquisitr.

“The Boba Fett movie is more vague in shape, but…with a loose frame like that, we could very well end up seeing Han Solo’s carbonite slab bounced around the screen for an hour an a half while Boba tries to get it back. Add in cameos by unscrupulous types like Darth Vader, and this anti-hero Star Wars flick could be something refreshingly new.”

Lucasfilm suffered a setback when the Boba Fett movie lost director Josh Trank. A replacement has not been announced by the studio at this time, but the fact that this is expected to be an origins story raises some questions, according to Screen Rant.

One of the burning issues with a Boba Fett movie is what period of the bounty hunter’s life the story will cover. With Lawrence Kasdan’s comments that potential Lando Calrissian could return to the Star Wars Universe, it seems the possibilities are endless.

[Image via Lucasfilm]