Justin Timberlake Taking Break From Music, Acting Career To Spend Time With Wife Jessica Biel And Son Silas

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake welcomed first child Silas Randall Timberlake with wife Jessica Biel in early April. However, after just weeks of settling down as a new father, reports suggest that Timberlake is taking a break from his music and acting career to be a more hands-on dad.

VH1’s The Gossip Table alleges that Timberlake is taking time out of his busy schedule to assist gorgeous wife Biel in raising their first child, one-month-old Silas Randall.

The site confirms that Biel has become overwhelmed with raising the newborn, prompting Justin to offer up his full attention to take the stress off of his wife. While it’s hasn’t been confirmed how long of a break Timberlake is taking from his busy career, an insider close to the “Mirrors” singer notes that both he and Biel were “made to be parents.”

Another source tells KPopStarz that Timberlake is simply cutting back on the number of demanding projects so that he can spend quality time with wife Biel and son Silas before embarking on another massive movie project or album commitment.

An insider also dishes to Us Weekly that both Jessica and Justin agreed to raise their son away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, noting that they are spending time with their first child in their home in Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana.

“Their house is all set up for the baby. They want to raise him out of the spotlight,” a source close to Timberlake confirms.

However, the happy couple aren’t on their own when it comes to raising their little one. Sources also dish that the new parents are getting lots of help from Timberlake’s mother.

“Lynn [Justin’s mom] jokes she wants Silas all to herself!” the source dishes, noting that Mrs. Timberlake is always available to help Biel when needed.

Youth Health Magazine also suggests that while Timberlake has agreed to spend more time with his family, Biel is taking the opportunity to focus on new career ventures for herself.

A source close to Jessica and Justin reports that the actress is busy working on opening her new kid-friendly restaurant in Los Angeles, titled Au Fudge.

The organic eatery, which is located in West Hollywood, was expected to open “in early to mid-May.” However, sources close to Biel reveal to People that “they’ve run into the usual snags and delays any new restaurant owner has, but it looks like they’re on track now.”

With Jessica Biel focusing on raising new son Silas Randall and focusing on getting Au Fudge open to the public, no wonder dad Justin Timberlake is taking time off to help out his busy wife.

What do you think of Justin Timberlake’s decision to take time off in order to spend more time with son Silas?

[Image: Christopher Polk / Getty Images]