Is Love Ageless? Young Engaged Couple Sees What They’ll Look Like Growing Old Over 70 Years

Kristie and Tavis have been together for eight years, and are currently engaged.

Ahead of their wedding day, the couple decided to take part in a little experiment that would age them 70 years in a matter of moments.

Then, thanks to old family photos and the magic of makeup, the pair was able to head “up” memory lane through their fifties, seventies, and nineties. The results are both touching and incredible.

Kristie and Tavis’ first transition was from their twenties to their fifties, and at this time, Kristie became acutely aware of her family resemblance.

Engaged Couple Sees What They'll Look Like in 70 Years

“Yeah. I’m gonna look just like my mother one day,” she stated.

Tavis also learned something — to use more sunscreen.

They were soon fast-forwarded to their seventies, and things took a more emotional turn.

Engaged Couple Sees What They'll Look Like in 70 Years

“It’s a really affecting thing to see someone that you’ve known since you were 19 look in their seventies, and imagine what life would be like then,” Kristi shared.

And finally, when they reached their nineties, they were asked a very sobering question — “What would be the last words you guys would say to each other?”

Engaged Couple Sees What They'll Look Like in 70 Years

“There are so many things I couldn’t be without you and will never be without,” says an emotional Tavis.

“Being about to get married and embarking on all that, I couldn’t be more sure that this is what I want,” an equally teary Kristi stated.

Check out the remarkable video above, which was a collaborated effort between Cut Video and Field Day.