Joe Giudice Cheating Scandal: More Details Emerge About Woman Allegedly On Double Date With ‘RHONJ’ Husband

Joe Giudice is again being accused of cheating on his RHONJ Housewife. On Wednesday, more details emerged about the woman he allegedly took on a double date recently.

As the Inquisitr reported Tuesday, Joe is yet again caught up in a cheating scandal, as an eyewitness has gone public with photos from a recent dinner in which Giudice is seated next to a mystery woman, who the witness says appeared to be Juicy Joe’s date.

On Wednesday, new details emerged about the woman who was allegedly out on a double date recently with Teresa Giudice’s husband. According to Radar Online, the 27-year-old female, whose name the celebrity gossip site is not revealing yet, works as a bartender at a strip club just 45 minutes away from the Giudice home. She has no children and when she is not working at the gentleman’s club, she likes to frequent nightclubs in Manhattan and New Jersey.

Cheating rumors have plagued Joe Giudice for years prior to Teresa going to prison, and he has always steadfastly denied cheating on his wife. As recently as March, Joe again had to go on the defense as InTouch alleged the RHONJ husband cheated on his wife with Jamie Jackson, a woman he met in Atlantic City on business. In an interview with US Weekly, Joe vehemently denied he cheated on his wife.

“No, I did not flirt with her. I did not make out with her, nothing happened between us. Everything InTouch is saying that happened between us are lies.”

Jackson also denied anything happened between her and the father of four.

“I definitely never slept with him… Nothing happened with me and Joe, I didn’t know him prior, nothing inappropriate happened at any time. We did not hook up, kiss, or anything more. I saw him at the two business meals and nothing more, it’s all made up b******t.”

The latest cheating allegations come from a woman named Stephanie Palacios, who happened to spot Joe Giudice with the mystery woman at Seabra’s seafood restaurant in Newark, New Jersey on April 29. Stephanie tells Radar Online that Juicy Joe and the woman seemed to be on a date with the other couple seated at the table.

“The way he and his date were conversing, you wouldn’t talk that way to a family member or friend. Even my boyfriend thought something was going on. They had chemistry. They didn’t touch, but they were sitting close together and he seemed to be listening intently to whatever she said. I thought maybe the couple across from them set them up on a date.”

Palacios says she is speaking out to warn Teresa Giudice that her husband is out having fun with another woman while she sits in prison.

Joe Giudice has not commented publicly about the recent cheating allegations.

[Image by Kena Betancur/Getty Images]