Beautiful Woman Has Been On 136 Dates In Two Years, Never A Second Date: Why?

She’s certainly a catch. With her curvaceous figure, winning smile, blonde hair and blue eyes, the 35-year-old school teacher from Sydney has no trouble attracting men. Belinda Stuckey has matched on eHarmony with over 4,000 men since joining the site 17 months ago, and she’s gone on 136 dates. But they’ve been with 136 different men. That’s right: she has never been on a second date, ever. And while many call her “one of the most popular girls on eHarmony,” eHarmony says that they do not keep an official record of popularity. However, with that amount of dates, it’s certain her profile is engaging and intriguing. So, what’s the problem? According to Stuckey, there’s several problems, but the most pronounced is that the chemistry is just not there, she told E!News.

“I know who I am and what I want and I just can’t find a man who is worthy of my time and attention. Now that is not meant to sound aggressive. It is more about being confident in who I am and knowing myself.”

It sounds reasonable, but is the 35-year-old stunner being a bit picky? 136 men are a lot of men, and those are just the ones she’s filtered through in order to even go out on the first date with. There’s plenty that she interacts with, but decides never to date. Stuckey was in a committed relationship for four years, and when that ended, she basically spent three years in solitude, getting to know herself and feel comfortable with herself. When she finally decided to re-enter the dating scene, she decided to give the virtual world a chance- after all, one in four couples meet online now. However, she’s never yet found the “right one” and she’s not going to her waste her time, or their time, if she knows it’s not a right fit.

To be fair, sometimes it is the man who does not call for a second date, but that’s a rarity. Most want a second date and it’s Stuckey that’s not interested. She shares a little bit of insight as to why that occurs.

“I don’t see any point putting out there someone you are not—it’s important to let people know who you are and what your ultimate goal is at the end. I have found that men here are becoming more and more feminine not just in looks, but in demeanor too. I need and want a man’s man. Someone who can make a decision at least!”

It seems as if many are just not masculine enough to make the grade for the blonde beauty. Another problem, she says, is that many suitors aren’t looking for a mate, they are looking for a one time sexual hook-up, and she is not at all interested.

“They are more concerned about finding someone to sleep with than someone to get to know and love. What has happened to society? In Sydney at least.”

But still, she’s not letting it get her down. She still believes that Mr. Right is out there somewhere. It may take many more dates, but she feels she will eventually find him.

“I do believe there is a man out there for me and my advice for other singles who are struggling to find The One is just to stay positive and realize that rejection is inevitable and think of each date as a new experience and a learning tool.”

[image by Twitter]