WWE News: Triple H And Stephanie McMahon Expected Back For ‘WWE RAW’ This Monday

WWE Executives Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have been away for a bit. The Authority has not been complete in some time, mainly due to Stephanie missing over a month of time from television. We’ve been so used to seeing them that when they were not on the show, there was something missing. As much as people seem to dislike them, Triple H and Stephanie do bring in ratings. So it would not be surprising if we find ratings up this Tuesday.

According to PWInsider, both will be back this week on WWE RAW. While Triple H has popped up on TV sparingly the last couple of weeks, he did miss last week. Stephanie has been away from WWE due to the Eisenhower Fellowship. This was an extreme honor for her and a big deal for WWE. She said that in order for her to be part of it, she had to defend WWE and make her role in the company come off well. Obviously, she did quite well.

She has been ready to come back since the podcast with Chris Jericho on the WWE Network. She was out of the country a lot due to the Eisenhower Fellowship and managed to just get back in time for the podcast. Since then, she has been ready to go.

During the time that the main authority members were away, WWE seemingly wanted to push Kane as a general manager of sorts. Since he can wrestle off and on, he can still be used as a wrestler when needed. However, he doesn’t have to do this as often if he can work in an authoritative role. WWE sees that they have a lot left with Kane, so by taking his ring time down, they can use him in other roles more often for a longer period of time.

HHH Stepanie

The story is supposed to be presented that Kane took his role too far when Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were away. However, since Seth Rollins as WWE World Heavyweight Champion has come across as a brat of sorts over the last few of weeks, nothing will change for WWE Payback. In fact, Triple H and Stephanie are most likely going to support the move by Kane. This is supposed to cause some tension, as Rollins has been under the impression that things will change once Stephanie and Triple H came back.

This Rollins-Authority tension is supposed to lead to multiple big challenges for Rollins down the line, including an Elimination Chamber match. Eventually, he is supposed to take thing so far that Stephanie lifts her suspension on Brock Lesnar and has The Beast Incarnate come back to get his revenge on the man that took his WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are going to be back on WWE programming for a while now. Their role might change a bit, but they will be in the same position as they always are. It is uncertain what else they will do after they come back outside of the slow tension build with Rollins and push of Kane. However, it should be interesting to see.

[IMG Credits: Sports Keeda, WWE.com]