Brutal Attack Captured On Video Shows Man Beating, Kicking, And Stomping On 2-Year-Old Boy's Head

A young boy suffers a brutal attack while playing outside his uncle's restaurant. A video surveillance camera captured Wang Jiaolong beating the child to the ground, and then repeatedly kicking and stomping on the young boy's skull.

A camera shows the two-year-old Li Zhexu playing with a broom on a sidewalk in front of his uncle's restaurant. The brutal attack on the little boy came from a man who approached the child from behind.

Li Zhexu Attacked By Man
Two-year-old Li Zhexu with his father after the brutal attack. (Photo via Xinhua)

According to a report by Eastday, on Monday evening, 29-year-old Wang Jiaolong carried out his brutal attack on the child for no apparent reason. Jiaolong knocked the boy down to the ground and used the broom and dustpan the boy was playing with to beat the poor boy.

The attacker repeatedly stomped on the child's head and hands thirteen times until the toddler lay motionless on the sidewalk.

A pedestrian and a person on a motor bike saw the brutal attack but did not stop to help the young boy. However, a group of people ran out of the restaurant to come to the boy's rescue.

Eventually, citizens were able to subdue Wang Jiaolong.

NBC News said a police statement claims Wang Jiaolong has a history of mental illness, including schizophrenia and will remain in custody.

More than 38 million people have viewed the shocking video of the brutal attack on young Li Zhexu.

One viewer offered this advice to parents.

"This video is too brutal. Parents, please keep a close watch over your children."
WARNING: This is the actual horrible and brutal attack on 2-year-old Li Zhexu. This video contains scenes that some viewers may find extremely disturbing.A hospital CT scan report shows the young boy's injuries are to the left frontal and parietal scalp hematoma, subcutaneous gas accumulation, and he has left parietal bone fractures. Doctors said the young child could go home. However, parents and caregivers need to keep Li Zhexu under close observation and make sure the boy takes anti-inflammatory medication.

Li Zhexu And His Father
Li Zhexu and his father return home from hospital after surviving a brutal attack. (Photo via Xinhuanet)

Xinhuanet released the following statement by the Li Zhexu's aunt.

"The child was beaten so brutally, our family is very worried. The only news is that the current situation is fairly optimistic child. I think a violent mental patients should be reasonably accommodated and management and I hope that all the children away from danger."
A Weibo subscriber posted this message after viewing the brutal attack.
"It's better to stop the crime first, then call the police. Authorities should reward those who boldly do righteous acts. Nowadays, it's not easy to help others."
[Featured image via Shanghaiist]