Bobbi Kristina Brown Update: Bobby Brown Has Court Hearing For Guardianship

As Bobbi Kristina Brown remains unresponsive at Dekalb Medical hospital in Atlanta, her father, Bobby Brown, is intent on gaining guardianship. A hearing was held today at the Dekalb County Courthouse, but don’t expect a full statement just yet, as the court indicated that there may not be a statement regarding the case at all.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that although Brown had a hearing today regarding custody of his daughter’s estate, the court doesn’t intend to release information just yet, if at all. Cissy Houston, Bobbi Kristina’s maternal grandmother, was also in attendance, though she hasn’t made any comments on the incident. She remained mum while walking out of the courthouse.

According to estate planning attorney, Steve Worrall, if Brown is indeed granted guardianship of Bobbi Kristina, it will not impact Whitney’s Houston will. Houston’s will, filed at Fulton County Probate Court, states that Bobbi Kristina Brown is the sole heir. In other words, even if Brown were to gain control of Bobbi Kristina’s estate, this does not mean that he will also gain control of Houston’s will.

Pat Houston, Bobbi Kristina’s aunt, was named the executor of the will.

Whitney Houston signature

While guardianship will grant Brown full control over Bobbi Kristina’s person, conservatorship allows him control over his daughter’s finances. Worall states that it’s not uncommon, however, for someone to apply for both.

“It would be appropriate for him to apply for guardianship, conservatorship or both. Once (Brown) is appointed as guardian he would have the authority to handle her person. A conservator would have the authority to make financial decisions. Certainly somebody needs to handle her financial affairs.”

Records from the Dekalb County Courthouse indicate that Brown filed for guardianship only at this time.

Meanwhile, Brown still refuses to allow Nick Gordon, 26, to visit Bobbi Kristina. According to Brown’s attorney, Christopher Brown, Gordon has yet to comply with requests set forth by Bobby Brown, who has reportedly asked Gordon numerous times to give a written statement, detailing exactly what happened on the night of January 31, when Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive in a bathtub in her Roswell, Georgia, townhouse.

Gordon claims he’s already given a statement to law enforcement, but he still remains under investigation for the incident.

There has been no updates on Bobbi Kristina’s condition since late April. Family members on the Brown and Houston side had differing stories on her recovery and progress, but doctors indicate that the young star has global and irreversible brain damage. Family members continue to ask for prayers for Bobbi Kristina Brown, and hope and support for a full recovery.

[Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Brett/AJC and Bobby Brown/Facebook]