WWE News: Despite Dana White Claiming Ronda Rousey Won’t Wrestle, WWE Is Still Developing A Story For Her

It seems that the WWE is not ready to give up on using UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey. Despite the fact that UFC President Dana White came out to say that Ronda would not wrestle in WWE, the WWE seems to be determined to make it happen, so much so that they are still developing a story for Rousey this year. WWE creative was surprised by White’s comments because apparently they thought UFC would, of course, allow their top draw to wrestle in WWE and risk injury.

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE is planning a story for Ronda Rousey this October when WWE heads back to the Staples Center in Los Angeles for WWE Hell in a Cell. The plan is to shoot an angle between Ronda and Stephanie McMahon that will set something up for WrestleMania 32 in Dallas, Texas, the following year.

WWE creative simply feels that everything will work out and somehow, and UFC will allow Ronda Rousey to wrestle in some way at WrestleMania 32. However, most fans believe it’ll never happen. WWE will certainly want to shoot an angle with Rousey at Hell in a Cell, but they may realize by this point that they have to figure out a non-wrestling role for her at WrestleMania 32.

At the end of the day, we know full well that UFC will not allow Ronda Rousey to wrestle while under contract with them. In fact, she is fighting later this year, and it’ll be a surprise if they even allow her to show up on a WWE show or PPV at all. That said, while Rousey clearly does want to work with WWE, she cannot wrestle a full-on match until she is out of her deal with UFC. This makes a lot of sense to most.

WWE creative, on the other hand, seems to be blind to that fact.

Ronda Rousey could make an appearance at HIAC and have this develop into a rivalry that does come to fruition at WrestleMania. However, they can do it in another way. One idea being thrown around is to have The Rock face off with Triple H. Stephanie would be in Triple H’s corner obviously, while Ronda would be in Rock’s corner. During this match, I’m sure we could see Stephanie and Ronda get into an altercation. This is probably the extent of what WWE could do that UFC would allow.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]