Viewzi: Visual Search Nearly Done Right

Viewzi is a new visual search engine in private beta testing that delivers a usable, attractive interface.

Unlike some other attempts at visual search engines, Viewzi offers various contextual views via a top menu on each search under the premise that different people will want different types of searches. Options include a site/ thumbnail search, images (+ Flickr), a simple (traditional) text view, and other options including weather and even search via TechCrunch story.

The interface is simple and pleasing on the eye, and navigation is easy.

Cyndy Aleo-Carreira at Profy thinks that Viewzi is a winner, saying that “I never expected to say this, but Viewzi is the one visual search I can see myself switching to. All I need now is a Viewzi toolbar.” She’s right, it’s by far the most pleasing visual search engine I’ve used, and the ability to switch between views (including simple text) has a lot of appeal. My only gripe: they combine Yahoo and Google search results, with a anecdotal preference to Yahoo (it seemed that way) on the visual search. If I could turn Yahoo off and stick with Google I’d feel better using it, and the results would be better as well.


We don’t have invites, but Profy does: visit here if you’re quick and grab the code.