Benjamin Keough: Elvis Presley’s Look-Alike Grandson Makes Rare Red Carpet Appearance

Benjamion Keough made a rare public appearance this week, giving the world a glimpse of the grandson of Elvis Presley, who is considered a dead ringer for The King of Rock and Roll.

Keough accompanied his mom, Lisa Marie Presley, this week at the opening of The Elvis Presley Theater at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. For fans, it was a chance to see not only the King’s daughter, but also the grandson, who bears a very strong resemblance to Elvis (you can check it out for yourself by clicking here to see a picture of Benjamin and his mother at the event).

Hollywood News Daily noted the similarities.

“Ben Keough, despite sporting bright aqua colored hair, also carries the very dominant Elvis Presley gene inheriting the famous pout and baby blues eyes that his mother Lisa Marie also dons.The resemblance is spooky to say the least, because given the year, if Ben Keough would dye his locks jet black he would be identical to his late grandpa, The King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley.”

The resemblance isn’t lost on Lisa Marie, either. In 2012, Lisa told CMT that she is sometimes “overwhelmed” when she looks at Ben and sees her late father.

“He does [look so much like Elvis]!” she said. “He was at the Opry and was the quiet storm behind the stage. Everybody turned around and looked when he was over there. Everybody was grabbing him for a photo because it is just uncanny.”

Interestingly enough, while Benjamin Keough is a dead ringer for grandfather Elvis Presley, his grandmother, Priscilla Presley, isn’t too keen on unrelated impersonators. When she spoke about the opening of a new chapel bearing her husband’s name, Priscilla assured that Elvis impersonators would not be part of the experience.

“This is all first-class,” she told the Associated Press recently. “This is not a joke. The wedding chapel is not a joke.”

Priscilla Presley added that she believes impersonators only cheapen his memory.

“Elvis had a lot of dignity. Elvis had a lot of class,” she said. “He was a beautiful specimen of a man.”

Benjamin Keough isn’t the only one of Elvis Presley’s grandchildren attracting attention. His sister, Riley Keough, has played a few roles in Hollywood and made headlines briefly in 2013 when rumors circulated that she stole Robert Pattinson away from Kristen Stewart. Those reports turned out to be false, though Riley made headlines again this year when she married her fiancé, Ben Smith-Peterson.

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