Heartbroken Cara Delevingne Is Not A Role Model, Reportedly Drinks Tequila In The Morning

Cara Delevingne may be a high-fashion model, but that doesn’t mean she’s perfect. She’s aware that her outlandish behavior and controversial statements make an impact on her young fans. That still doesn’t mean that Cara wants to become a role model to her fans, though.

“I hope that I can influence young people and teach them that it is important and necessary to preserve your individuality. Look, you can admire people and be guided by them, but you should never imitate them.”

Delevingne currently has 2.51 million followers on Twitter, according to the Hamilton Spectator. She does notice that she has to become more aware of her actions now that she’s making the transition from model to actress. In an interview with Germany’s Vogue magazine, Delevingne explained how the transition has been difficult for her.

“I always wanted to be an actress from an early age. Drama and music, that was always my plan A; the modeling was rather random (for me).

As a model, I was never particularly aware of the camera. If you are an actor you have to put the camera out of your mind. That was difficult for me in the beginning but slowly I got cool with it.”

Maybe it’s a good thing that Cara doesn’t want to become a role model since she makes some pretty careless lifestyle choices. Rumors are saying that the model wakes up to have a drink of tequila in the morning. Cara’s friends are worried that her transition from high-fashion model to A-list celebrity will make her drinking worse.

She could already be on a downward spiral, since she recently split from girlfriend St. Vincent, whose real name is Anne “Annie” Clark. Delevingne has taken to Instagram to share a series of cryptic and heartbroken-related posts this week. It sparked rumors that the model broke up with her musician girlfriend. Now Delevingne’s Instagram posts have caused concern among her fans and friends. She shared a picture of a crying stick figure with the phrase, “It’s hurting again.”


Delevingne shared another quote that said: “One day your heart will take you to your lover. One day your soul will carry you to the beloved. Don’t get lost in your pain; know that one day your pain will become your cure.”


The Chanel and Burberry model is obviously devastated over the split. Cara and Annie only dated for five months before calling it quits, after the singer said their hectic schedules got in the way of their relationship, according to Hello Magazine. Cara is currently filming her upcoming movie, Suicide Squad, but she’s been having difficulty concentrating, according to an alleged insider.

“You can tell she’s been upset and distracted this week. It might have been early days but she was head over heels in love with this girl. They had a real connection.

But Vincent thought she was always coming second to Cara’s career and wanted more. Cara was shocked though, it’s left her heartbroken.”

Friends are making sure that Delevingne doesn’t turn to alcohol to help deal with her breakup. Do you think Cara Delevingne should focus on becoming a role model to her fans?

[Image: Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Burberry]