Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris’ Long Distance Relationship: Taylor Woos Calvin Via Text, Deletes Harry Styles’ Phone Number

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are working hard to make their long distance relationship work. In fact, the “Blank Space” singer has been wooing him with her words via text message. Taylor will be taking off on her 1989 world tour soon, which means that she won’t get to see Calvin much. A new report says that she plans to work on their long distance relationship by texting him constantly.

Swift’s five-month world tour will kick off in May, 2015, according to a Hollywood Life report. That means the singer will be thousands of miles away from Harris. Swift is determined to not let the distance affect them.

A source told Us Weekly, “She’ll make time to see him [before she leaves].” Taylor doesn’t even want to wait until the tour is over to see Calvin again. It looks like she’s taking advantage of her resources since she has access to the fastest and most reliable forms of transportation ever.

“Tay has her private plane, so she can fly anywhere – or she can fly him to see her.”

Swift has reportedly been texting Harris “a lot,” another source told Us Weekly. She’s quite charming on the phone and plans to stick in Harris’ mind when they’re thousands of miles away. Another Hollywood Life report says that Swift has been sending Harris some “steamy” texts lately. However, she’s still nervous about the fact that they’re going to be away from each other quite often.

“Taylor’s already stressing about how hard it’s going to be to spend so much time away from Calvin when she goes on tour. He’s super busy with his own gigs, but she’s trying to lock him down for when he’s going to come see her.”

Harris’ relationship with Swift has said to be beneficial. She is finally getting over her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles. In fact, Swift is so taken by Harris that she removed Styles’ number from her phone, according to Cambio. She believes that her relationship with the One Direction singer wasn’t as serious as she may have thought.

“Taylor once thought she loved Harry, but since getting to know Calvin, she’s realized that Harry was never really more than a crush.”


It sounds like Swift is looking for a man, and Harris is that man she needs. She loves that their relationship is a lot more serious and mature. Swift couldn’t trust Styles, which is why she called it quits with the Brit.

“Calvin’s made her realize that boys like Harry are toxic for her and given her the confidence to cut him out of her life for good. She’s determined to show Calvin she’s serious about him and wants him to feel as secure as she does.”

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris? Do you think they can make their long distance relationship work?

[Image: D Dipasupil/FilmMagic; Kevin Mazur/Getty Images For Roc Nation]