WWE News: Sheamus Said To Be Reckless In The Ring, Busted Daniel Bryan Open In Match Tonight On ‘SmackDown’

WWE Superstar Sheamus just got back, and he is already getting in trouble. As we saw on WWE RAW this past Monday, Sheamus made his return and attacked both Dolph Ziggler and Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan. Sheamus was sporting a new look that is certainly a bit out there for him. WWE fans chanted “you look stupid” at him for good reason on Monday.

However, it seems that Sheamus is trying to make an impression on the talent, not just the WWE fans. Tonight on WWE SmackDown, Sheamus and Daniel Bryan face off in a non-title match. Sources who watched the match claim that Sheamus was being quite reckless with Bryan and not protecting him nearly enough. Those in the crowd who watched the taped show on Tuesday claimed the same thing.

This resulted in Bryan being busted open the hard way, so much so he had to get seven stitches. While Bryan and Sheamus are known to both be stiff workers who have worked together a lot in the past, this particular time it is thought that Sheamus went too far. Especially with a guy he very well knows has not been back in the ring for that long after a severe issue.

According to viewers in Canada who saw the show last night, there will be blood shown on the WWE SmackDown broadcast. So WWE didn’t cut the match or a ton of it.

Some speculation is going around that it was planned to happen this way to bring blood back a bit with the wrestlers who are willing to take the punishment to get it. People like Daniel Bryan are already so big too that any planned spot like this between he and another talent would not result in much punishment. Meanwhile, Sheamus is well liked and there are big plans for him this year.

The idea that was planned all along was that Sheamus would come back as a heel then end up becoming one of the top heels in the company after a slow build up.

Was this match planned out to be hard hitting to put over Sheamus or were both men taking liberties? Was Sheamus going too far? We’ll know tonight, as WWE is willing to show the match in its entirety. Most would assume that they’d try to avoid spots where blood is seen a lot. However, we will see it. Then we can decide for ourselves if it was planned or simply someone taking liberties.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]