January 30, 2017
Blueprints Reveal Kirk Douglas And Jack Nicholson May Have Had Secret Tunnels Leading To Playboy Mansion

Kirk Douglas sure is one lucky guy! While prepping for Hugh Hefner's April 9th birthday celebration, a Playboy editor came across an interesting discovery that suggests Douglas might have been a Playboy Mansion regular in the 1970s.

playboy mansion

In a post entitled So, There Were Tunnels to Celebrity Homes Below the Playboy Mansion, a Playboy.com writer claimed that, while going through the magazine's archived photos, he came across some Polaroids from 1977. The said pictures revealed an excavation project at the mansion which sparked the writer's suspicions. He inquired about said project to the Playboy Mansion's general manager, and he was told that Hefner had tunnels built in the late 1970s to connect his Holmby Hills playground to various celebrity homes.

The staffer decided to take his investigations to the actual mansion, where he was led to an unfinished basement. There, he uncovered plenty of old photos, plans and blueprints. As evidence to his claims, the writer scanned some of them and uploaded them on Playboy's web site. One of the controversial documents uploaded was a blueprint that showed detailed plans of tunnels connecting the mansion to the homes of Mr. J. Nicholson, Mr. W. Beatty., Mr. K. Douglas and Mr. J. Caan. Undoubtedly, these names refer to Hollywood hotshots: namely, Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Kirk Douglas and James Caan. The tunnels reportedly closed up sometime in 1989.None of the actors commented about the post but over the years, Caan had been open with his fondness for the Playboy Mansion. The 75-year-old actor bunked in with Hefner for long periods way back in the seventies and considered it as "the greatest nightclub in the world."

"It got to a point where I thought, 'Why don't I just commit suicide because it ain't getting any better than this,'" Caan said. The story was published on Playboy.com just two days before April Fools' Day, which made it quite suspicious. Many have said that this might have been just an elaborate prank. However, when asked to confirm if the story was true, Hefner refused to make a comment.

Douglas is already 98 years old at the present and has been married to his second wife since 1954. Recently, the Jewish actor got media attention for celebrating his second and third bar mitzvahs. He also published a book of poetry.

Main image via Getty Images, image of mansion via Wikimedia Commons]