The Winner Of Last Night’s GOP Debate Was President Obama [Video]

Last night the Republican presidential hopefuls met in their 20th debate of the primary season in Arizona. The winner of the evening was definitely President Obama. To hear the presidential hopefuls talk about each other you would think they were all communists for the amount of times they pointed out how liberal the other ones were.

Here are some of the highlights of last night’s snooze fest.

Mitt Romney Says Rick Santorum Was Responsible for Obamacare: Mitt Romney passed a healthcare plan in Massachusetts that was almost identical to Obamacare. When Rick Santorum pointed this out, Romney was quick to say that because Santorum endorsed Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Spector for Senate in 2004 SANTORUM was responsible for Obamacare. This had to be the night’s most ridiculous accusation. Romney has been on a kick lately of accusing his rivals of not being true conservatives. This is all coming from a person who voted for more democrats than republicans in elections, was pro choice, pro gun control, raised taxes and fees many times during his one term as governor, need I go on?

Ron Paul Accuses Rick Santorum of Being a Fake: When asked about why he was airing an ad calling Santorum a fake, Paul stated clearly that us is because “He is a fake”. He was trying to make a point that all Republicans run on a platform of fiscal conservatism but then spend like Democrats. All this proved is that Ron Paul really is clueless. He is running as an outsider but trashing his opponents instead of spouting off more of his own crazy ideas.

Newt Gingrich Accuses President Obama of Infanticide: Newt brought up Obama’s lack of support for a law in the Illinois legislature that would have made it harder to kill a viable fetus that had already been aborted. The part he left out (and the reason why Obama voted against it) was that the law was already on the books. The Republicans in the Illinois legislature were just trying to make a point at the time.

With all of these debates and watching the Republican cannibalizing each other the only thing that is being made clear is that President Obama will be enjoying a second term next year.

Watch the debate highlights here